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They've got this down

WE MADE IT TO OUR NEW HOME IN THE SUNSHINE STATE 🌴🌞😍❤️ #california #californialove #californians

My sister from another mister #Californians

It's hard to tell, but if you look closely, this ladybug is totally doing a breakdance. #californians

Californians have long been the subject of any number of vast generalizations, resulting in a frenemy-like hatred from those living in other states. To some, we're overly superior and pretentious. To others, we're way too progressive and compassionate. We just can't win. Why exactly do people love to hate Californians? See the reasons with a link to our article in Instagram Stories (click on the SFGATE logo!). #california #californians #dontcallitcali #sf #thingscaliforniansdo

so happy I got to have a chance meeting in Trondheim with this girl! @saafalconer #californians #norge 🇺🇸🇳🇴

O mundo na minha mesa! 😂😍 #californians #sisters #amazing

Impromptu Sunday Funday 😍❤️💋#summer #chicago #californians #tourists

Arts District Brewing Co. DTLA. 🛣🛣
Overheard by @jamiekobayashi 📥
#californians #overheardla


Every year, huge corporations take advantage of #CA's #Prop13 to steal nearly $9 billion from #Californians.
This massive amount of money could fund critical programs under attack by the #Trump administration: schools, healthcare, parks & wildlife, and even food programs for our most vulnerable Californians.
The corporations that have benefitted from Prop 13 for decades have duped the public into believing the law serves all of us -- it doesn’t. Loopholes in CA's #propertytax law ensure that rich entities actually make a profit by paying substantially lower taxes according to their size.
#DonaldTrump’s budget threatens to slash funding for health care, education, and even Meals on Wheels, all to pay for massive tax breaks for huge corporations. In #California, these same corporations avoid paying nearly $9 billion in property taxes EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. That money could help provide healthcare to families, educate our children, build affordable housing, train workers, feed our seniors, tend our parks, and so much more.
#MakeItFair is a bold plan to close Proposition 13’s commercial property tax loophole for the biggest corporations and recover those funds.
Make it Fair is a proposal that would:
* Close a commercial property tax loophole in Proposition 13 that currently nets rich corporations billions of dollars per year
* Invest the resulting funds ($9 billion a year) in education and neighborhood services we all need and deserve including health access, housing, equity and quality of life
* Maintain the protection for homeowners and renters that Proposition 13 provides
* Support small businesses by helping them compete against big corporations with an unfair advantage
* Include accountability provisions so new funds are spent appropriately
We need to let our elected leaders know that we need to Make it Fair so that California can become more self-reliant in the face of Trump’s attacks.

You know life is what we make it, and a chance is like a picture, it’d be nice if you just take it...I compete with myself everyday to be a better me because a team of 3 grew to 12 in just 2 years. Blessed to have the baddest team around. #houseofogs hit us up dispensaries only #wholesale#dabs#wax#shatter#pens#flower#distribution#420#mmj#propd#makingmoves#playingcatchup#waybehind#humbled everyday Thank you all for the support and #californians for voting. #qualityoverquantity #patientsbeforeprofit @therealwaterboys @hfs_oven @z8aduck @mykey77

"Our son Mr. Bojangles needed immediate vet care, we weren't prepared for this type of expense. After much research we stumbled upon Kwikcash. The rest is history." -Cara & Mark

Look with the tide washed in! @puravidabracelets we’re made to be worn at the beach!

This netted poncho is black and summery all in one !

They've got this down

Making up for lost time ❤️ #cousins #pancakes #californians @mrshollyfrost

Dear Californians, this is just a mirage. It's actually miserable and rainy here, all the time. Please stay put for your own sakes. #californians #sunnycalifornia #washingtonrain

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