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Saker on now-non-CA-compliant SCR, #trollolol
👩🏼‍⚕️: "Happy Monday little buddy!!!"
🦄: *barf*

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Today, we returned to the jagged cliffs of coastal California for the first time in 4 years, eating oranges picked straight from a giving tree down in foggy Ojai. Looking over this desert of blue ocean, we wonder how the hell we stayed away for so long and mumble to ourselves "you know, this calls for celebration."
So we're stuffing our packs with 3,4,5 days of gear and walking out into the ocean-front wilderness, to the sandy spaces where no cars go. Trading the bus for a tent, rubber tires for our own two feet.
Heard that if you hike down into the bluffs a few miles, or a few dozen, you can pitch a tent and stake out stretches of private beach for your own, for a few days anyways. So we're out, dear friends. See you in awhile, salty and sunburnt and all the wiser. We're headed out to where no cars go. #gearvalanche

YouTube video coming very soon 😄🔥👌🏼 #askkenzie

Golden state of mind 🌴☀️
Have a nice evening!
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Two words: Delayed gratification. Say NO to the mushroom Swiss burger; YES to a high intensity interval training session. Say NO to a bottle of wine on Friday night; YES to a clear-headed Saturday morning bike ride. Say NO to the late-night bag of chips and salsa--nobody will see you eat it, but the evidence will appear on your body anyway. Instead, say YES to a peanut butter protein shake or an egg white omelet piled high with roasted veggies. You will be full no matter which one you choose. Say NO to spending another hour of wasted time in front of a screen, and YES to spending an hour writing a meal plan or designing a workout that could literally change the course of your life. Say NO to instant gratification, and YES to the far greater reward of health. Remember, it's consistency that will bring you the payoff you're looking for. Baby steps. Every "NO& #34; counts, and every "YES& #34; to resisting temptation or practicing discipline is the path to achieving your goals. Try this: tally up your "NOS& #34; and "YESES& #34; . If you're about to commit a goal-crushing crime, write it down. Have a "did you resist?" and "did you do it?" column, and check yes or no. Aim for 75% "YESES& #34; for a week. Next week, increase your goal. A client of mine? Write down "boot camp" , go ahead and put a "YES& #34; in the "did you do it" column and I'll see you tonight at 6! ❤️💪🏼 PH by @hardfitnessmag
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This fabulous woman AND @rosecousins are at @thehotelcafe in Los Angeles tonight at 7pm! We talk about loving lots of artists and music, sure, but these two are the REALEST deal of the real deals. Don't miss out. Tickets/info at the link in our bio. // #BGSpresents #BGS #rootscultureredefined #LA #socal #HotelCafe

it's amazing what a little fresh mountain air, the aroma of really big trees, delicious food and quiet time with my guy can do for my soul.

Wedding guest book alternative poster is in the shop. Celebrating the California couple (other state options available)

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A court ruling clears the way for construction of the long-planned South Mission Beach lifeguard station to continue. Crews broke ground on the site in 2015, but construction was halted after homeowners complained it would obstruct their view and they had not been notified of the project. Read more on the FOX 5 San Diego app.

Pigs and @cpwcollier's #iphone7plus . 🐽🐷📸

🌞I am craving the warmth of the California Sun ☀️, with sand between my toes and sun-kissed skin 💋 ~ Lolo ...rain rain rain ☔️ go away... #LoloandRu #california #californiadreaming #californialove #californiasun #californiasunsets #sandy #sandytoes #sunkissed #sunkissedskin

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