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Two really special moments at Caffe Pergolesi for me and Luke. The first photo was the last time we were there, on Christmas Eve, showing Esmé where "all the things happened." The second photo was twelve years ago: January 8, 2005. Luke and I had just gotten married and decided to stop in for a cuppa en route to our honeymoon. In typical Pergs fashion, the clientele were completely non-plussed by my ridiculous ball gown and Luke's suit. If you're still in CA and can make it out to Santa Cruz before their closing day (August 26th) please go for me. If I could have found a cheap enough flight from Nashville, I'd have flown home for the last day. #santacruzoriginal #endofanera #thePerg #caffepergolesi

#caffepergolesi you were truly a gift to us all!!

No Greater Fight - April 22nd, 2016 - Cafe Pergs - the homies put on one rad show! Pics up on my Flickr @nogreaterfight #ngf #santacruzhc #caffepergolesi #hardcore #local

Hurts to see this place go. 👋🏻 Perg's @pergsofficial #santacruz #caffepergolesi

Popped in for one last visit before they close later this month. The Perg! ☕️ #caffepergolesi #theperg #santacruznow #visitsantacruz #santacruz

RIP #caffepergolesi #pergolesi #oldsantacruz me DJIng in the late 90s. I was the only DJ at the time wearing Motörhead shirts in Santa Cruz. Photo by: @lyolarowe


Jeffrey contemplates Santa Cruz without Caffe Pergolesi and if he will have breakfast for dinner. @jeffdrawsnude
#santacruz #santacruzca #gentrification #caffepergolesi #pergs #coffeeshop #victorian #historicalhomes #california #shuttered #closingtime #goldenhour #urbex

Heart hurting as we said goodbye to many heart parts of Santa Cruz... The Perg has felt like home with hot cocoa in hand after weary wandering for so many years. Where will we land now?

Went inside Logos for the last time yesterday, walls covered with neon signs declaring Store Closing and empty shelves along the bottom floor.

And today I heard about the loss of our friend Bennett, one of the very first people who welcomed me to Sunday lighthouse fire jams with the brightest smiles. Santa Cruz has lost a few of it's soul pieces and it fills me with so much sadness.
Gonna be a day of silence and refection and spinning today 💔

Drain - Santa Cruz, California - Caffe Pergolesi - August 25th, 2017 - I attribute my primary growth as a photographer to this venue and this band. I remember first seeing Drain back in the fall of 2015 play at Perg's back when shows were played in a reverse orientation on the inside of the venue and I was initially impressed by the sheer energy and lighthearted mood that Drain brought to such a heavy style of music. Pergs was a place that I could go weekend after weekend and practice my art in a subdivision of photography that for logistical reasons, most venues would never give someone without experience a chance. It's really cool to be able to reflect on my growth as an artist while also viewing Drain's growth, both as a band and individuals. Although Caffe Pergolesi is gone, it's memory and influence will steadfast hold throughout everyone that held any particular sort of involvement in the Santa Cruz scene. A scene is formed when individuals collectively harness and display their passions in an attempt to form something of paramount importance. Santa Cruz accomplished that and will continue to accomplish that with or without Cafe Pergolesi, and I know Drain will continue to carry the torch to that keeps the flame alive

One more from that last night at Pergs #caffepergolesi #cafepergolesi #cafepergs

To New Adventures

First official box packed for my move up to #SantaCruz.
Sad to hear the news that #caffepergolesi has closed down, was so looking forward to becoming part of the community there... Glad I got a chance to experience its #history before it left though.

Here goes nothing.


Karl Heiman, final owner of Caffé Pergolesi in Santa Cruz, retrieved the original 1974 menu out of the basement and sold drinks at those prices on August 26, 2017, the final day of business.
#CaffePergolesi #SantaCruz #endofanera

#caffepergolesi you were truly a gift to us all!!

Santa Cruz Hardcore saying Farewell to Caffe Pergolesi
#pergs #rippergs #caffepergolesi #caffepergolesisantacruz #santacruz #santacruzhardcore

Parting words from Perg:

Success to Crime,
Death to Missionaries,
May Free Love Become
A Household Word
and Keep on Chooglin'! August 26, 2017. #CaffePergolesi
#freelove #keeponchooglin

Perg's closing night. 17 years of memories for me. Wishing the staff well. Here's to hoping they all find new jobs soon!

#caffepergolesi @pergsofficial

Drug Control - Santa Cruz - Caffe Pergolesi - August 25th, 2017 - First time catching these guys and I was thoroughly impressed by the sheer amount of energy these guys brought to their performance. One of my favorite youth crew bands that I've seen this year

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