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Cabo da Roca in Portugal is the most western place in Europe.
I guess for centuries people have though the world would end here... What a silly thing we might say now!
We have learned that the world, like most of the things of life, isn't actually finishing anywhere but it's just round, and if you keep going you will come back in the same place one day , but , of course , with much more stories to tell. #portugal #cabodaroca #quotes

And our last clip from this series in Portugal! What an amazing sunset falling on the entire western face of the cliffs!

S i n t r a 🌍🌊 #cabodaroca

"Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything." ♥ #today #cabodaroca #happyday #sunday

#tb to when I thought I was a mermaid sitting at the edge of the world 🙏🌅🌊🇵🇹 #cabodaroca #portugal

At the end of the world or my first encounter with the ocean🙇🏻‍♀️Photo: @victoria_leshchyk

Ветер и высота кружили голову, коленки предательски дрожали, а сердечко словило новый, несколько ускоренный ритм. Так я познакомилась с Океаном🌍🌊. Невероятное место силы🕊 {#Portugal, #CabodaRoca, #ocean, #winter, #vsco, #thestreetnetwork, #ilove_simplebeyond}


Cabo da roca, face A.

Lulas na telha 😍
Simplesmente divinal, um prato cheio de sabores.
Passem no refúgio da roca e provem pelo menos uma vez!! 😁😍 #naoechiqueegourmet #cabodaroca