I used to hate Monday’s but now I see it as a fresh start. Forget about what happened last weekend or last week. Today’s a new day and a new week to start fresh and conquer your goals. You got this. 💪🏽👊🏽
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Another huge thank you to everyone who helped me through the process to get on stage. Whether it was shaming, or uplifting comments, it all motivated to push harder!
Had a great time at home, but its time to get back to Strict Training and Nutrition.
Took some much needed rest and refit, now its Game Time.

Be the kind of woman that lifts other women up. No time in my life for anything or anyone else. One such woman is @gdrfitness , who I’ve recently had the genuine pleasure of getting to know. Always has something positive to say, always supporting and pushing others for better, and did I mention beautiful on the outside as well as inside? Enjoy your cupcakes, Grace!! ♥️ #itson #fit #fitgirl #fitfam #fitness #fitstronggirls #6footphysique #fitnessphysique #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #shredded #strongissexy #fitstronggirls #bodybuilding #girlswhoflex #fit_40_club #cwfit #fitlifestyle #instafitness #neverquit #nobullshit #girlswholift #fitandinked #teamcwfit

Met some Amazing people at the Olympia Fitness Expo last weekend! ·
Had a really good time and I can't wait to go again!
For now, its back to work, back to a solid routine, so I can bring a better me to the stage next time.

Gym selfie ft. ankle straps because #legday 🤪
Pump brought to you by Mr. Fusion preworkout 😛🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @nutrithority
I’ve been taking a social media break due to life and everything happening at once. I’ve been going through a lot lately 😅 I’ll talk about it all one day 🙃 I like to be open with you guys about everything but I’m enjoying taking some time to myself and not worrying about posting on my socials. I hope everyone is having a great week! 🤩
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Miss Davis’ class earned Limbo for their CWFit reward. How low can they go? #kindergarten #franklinlearners #cwfit #theprovoway

If I’m being 100% honest I’ve actually never had a pumpkin spice latte (am I the only one??) BUT I can’t imagine it tasting better than this and for only 20 calories (depending on creamer you use) compared to the 380 calorie @starbucks drink. That’s insane. I’ll take this one any day!! ☕️🍂🤩🙌🏽🎃 .
So here it is, the super low cal pumpkin spice latte: 🤪
🎃 pumpkin spice flavored coffee (found at Walmart)
🎃 1 tbsp of French vanilla sugar free creamer
🎃 a couple drops of vanilla créme liquid stevia
🎃 3-5 drops of pumpkin pie spice extract
🎃 add fat free Reddi-Whip and cinnamon on top (optional)

Trying to remain Lean after my 1st Show has been tough. ·
However, its gets easier and easier, since this is the course I want my life to take.
Find your Passion and you will never make excuses for not pursuing it.

2 weeks Post-Show. ·
Hardest part is staring into my Pantry, and trying to stay Lean.
Good news is, I feel Great waking up everyday, thats all I can ask for!

I absolutely hate your typical cardio that most people do.
I always get asked about what I do for cardio. I dont do treadmill, stair-masters, bikes etc... I keep my rest time between sets as short as possible so my heart rate gets up while doing my regular workout. I’ll superset and tri-set exercises a lot, but most of all near the end of my workout I love to incorporate something like this as my cardio to really raise the heart rate and push the body while also incorporating weights.
I went down and back about 8 times with over 400 pounds. It’s leg day so this was after doing squats, leg extensions, step ups etc.
So to keep this with a good finisher on my legs i tried to stay low keeping my hands on the ground and going slow while concentrating on really pushing off with each step and pushing thru the burn in my quads with the goal in my head to keep hands on the ground, knee’s off the ground and try not to stop until i touch the wall on the other end. The last 2 sets I let my mind get the best of me and dropped my knees short of the wall but i got up as quick as i could and pushed till i touched the wall. My rest time was a short as i could to just calm my heart rate a little and then go again.
Get creative but don’t get stupid like some people just putting random shit together that doesn’t make sense with working out.
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Don't let the range of motion fool ypu, it's small but punishing af! As you all know triceps make up 3/5ths of the arm and lately, I've been slacking in the lateral department. This is an awesome exercise to throw in between sets or finish with on your arm days. Keep those arms straight and just move them back and forth, it's that simple. Keep crushing those lifts and happy Friday!
And thank you @gdrfitness for filming!
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Happy Friday friends!!
I wanted to start off the holiday weekend by announcing that ALL my plans are 20% off this weekend!!!🤩
All plans are 100% customized to you and your goals. Everything is all in one place on my app. All the Training plans have detailed explanations with a video showing you how to properly execute each exercise (at home workouts are available). You can log nutrition, have your workouts, upload progress pics, message me, and so much more all from one app! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help! Have a great weekend! 💙💜
CourtneyWinfieldFitness.com (link is in bio)

1 Week Post Show
Shreddz are still around, sitting right around 180lbs~
Having some Delicious Banana, Oat Pancakes with a homemade Berry spread, instead of syrup.
Love being able to cook in my own home again!

#tbt to 6 years ago today. That’s Gracie, the bravest, sweetest mastiff that thought she was a Labrador that ever lived. Miss her so much!!! ♥️🐾And me. On my weight loss journey before I discovered muscles... lol 😂🤘🏻 #itson #fit #fitgirl #fitfam #fitness #fitstronggirls #6footphysique #fitnessphysique #strongnotskinny #weightlifting #shredded #strongissexy #fitstronggirls #bodybuilding #girlswhoflex #fit_40_club #cwfit #fitlifestyle #instafitness #neverquit #nobullshit #girlswholift #fitandinked #teamcwfit

When people think carbs make you fat and I’m just over here like... 🤪🎂.
Guys, carbs are life. Any type of extreme dieting is not sustainable long term so PLEASE STOP thinking carbs are the enemy unless you have a medical condition and your doctor says that is what’s best for you. Any type of diet seems successful because of one reason: caloric deficit. But cutting out a whole food group is NOT HEALTHY. To lose weight you need to be at a SUSTAINABLE deficit. Eat carbs, in moderation. It’s not about an easy fix you guys. It’s about a lifestyle change! 🍚🥞🥖🍞🥔🍩🍰

Can't say enough about the Amazingly Positive atmosphere at @wbff_official World Las Vegas!
So glad I was able to be part of it and meet all the Inspirational Competitors, that I've been following for quite some time.
I'm so ready to get to the next one!

#teamCWfit Shredding up Vegas!

Back days getting boring? Try mixing it up with this wide rope pull down variation! I'm a firm believer in constantly mixing new exercises into your workouts and never letting them become stagnant. Thank you gym mom @labpaw for showing me this awesome exercise and @gdrfitness for being an excellent camera woman!
Song: Brosik- A$$
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