My idea of happiness today is a lot different than it was yesterday. I am always trying to live the now and not my future or my past. I’ve learned to forgive the mistakes I made and accept my today. Even though my past is what makes who I am today, I have used my past as opportunities to grow and evolve as a human being looking to always change for the better. To every problem there is a solution in life. Today was another day of hemodialysis treatment and I concluded my therapy with success. Now I will leave this behind and live my present. Yet I am thankful of the past 3.5 hours of today. +++
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Final #kidneybaby update #ontheblog ! Crazy to even be typing this! #ckd #catholicblogger #catholic

The folks over at @thechroniccommunity couldn’t have been more spot on with this graphic. Which of these have you heard lately?
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Oh the things we hear when chronically ill!🙄 what’s something you get told all the time?

We had a great turnout for our FREE screening at Merit Health Central! Join us for our next FREE screening Saturday, August 4 at Terry Grove M.B. Church from 9-12 noon! #mississippikidneyfoundation #kidneydiseasescreening #jacksonms #dialysis #esrd #ckd #kidneys

My #omadketo is prepped for tonight. Will add in eggs, bacon, and garlic herb chicken (from @sprouts). This is coming off of my #ckd carb-up day. #keto #ketodiet #ketoshred #lowcarb #waroncarbs #intermittentfasting

Bathing and hair washing while living with a chest catheter. 💧💧💧💧💧
So listen up! We all have different ways of doing things, and we all have different levels of comfort. I am well informed on the different types of “water proof tapes” etc. that can be used to try to keep water out. If you trust it kudos. But I will not risk my life for a real shower. With chest catheters part of it goes to your heart. This means if you get it wet accidentally and you get an infection it can also go to your♥️ My kidney doc and vascular surgeon want my cath out ASAP. And so do I! When I questioned how people have their catheters for long periods of time his response was “yeah and if it gets wet they are basically on deaths door.” No thanks! Someone I met at dialysis also told me a story of how she used these magical water proof tapes and guess what? She got her cath wet, got an infection, almost died, and now she she has a ♥️ murmur. If you want a transplant you best do everything you can to protect your ♥️ otherwise you may not be able to get a transplant. I ended up with this catheter because my old doc didn’t refer me in time to the surgeon. He was pushing pd dialysis after I adamantly told him I wanted hemo. I still hold resentment for him and one day I may make a formal complaint. .
I haven’t had a real shower in 36 days. To bathe I fill the Bath with about 5 inches of water. I start on my left side reaching where I can. I can reach my left armpit the best! To wash the areas around my cath-chest, Armpit etc I get out of the bath and use a wash cloth. Careful not to let any drips happen. So basically the areas that need to be cleaned get washed but it’s not the same as a shower. It will never be the same.
I don’t feel confident I can wash my own hair without getting wet. So once a week I found a place for $35 that does a wash and blow dry. A far cry from my usual every other day hair washing. My mom has helped me 2/3x but honestly to lay back over the bath tub is super uncomfortable. I wear a plastic pull over from Disney land to protect myself. I put a towel under that to protect my chest. Maybe I’m paranoid but better safe than sorry. Continued-

Staying cool for Summer 💙
My hair is my emotional canvas, it changes with my moods and life events. This week I finally started in-home dialysis and this was the celebratory result ☺️❤️
Inspired by my idol @pink
Her music has helped me through some serious shit for the last 2 decades (at least!). •

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오늘은 축구하는날~⚽️⚽️⚽️
오늘의 명장면ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
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Compartilhando esse excelente comentário sobre o uso de Metformina em pacientes renais crônicos, segundo a última publicação do JAMA. 👏🔝 #Repost @nefronews (@get_repost)
Em todo mundo, mais de 380 milhões de pessoas tem Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Destes, cerca de 20% apresentam taxa de filtração glomerular estimada (TFG) < 60mL/min.
Metformina é usada como primeira linha no tratamento de DM, com baixo custo, poucos efeitos colaterais, além de reduzir mortalidade a longo prazo quando comparado com outras terapias hipoglicemiantes.
Apesar do incontestável benefício da medicação, frequentemente não é prescrita, e algumas vezes é suspensa em pacientes com TFG < 60mL/min.
Recentemente, o FDA modificou a orientação em relação a Metformina, antes contra-indicado se creatinina > 1,5mg/dL.
Atualmente, contra-indicado se TFG < 30mL/min e não recomendado iniciar se TFG < 45 mL/min.
Estudo publicado no JAMA em junho de 2018, analisou uma população total de 75.413 pacientes com Diabetes entre Janeiro de 2004 e Janeiro de 2017. Destes, 14.662 pacientes com TFG < 60mL/min e 1.765 com TFG < 30mL/min. Tempo médio de seguimento foi 5,7 anos. O desfecho primário analisado foi hospitalização relacionada a acidose.
O estudo concluiu que o uso de Metformina não foi associado com incidência de acidose em pacientes com TFG entre 30-60mL/min.
Vale ressaltar que foi avaliado pacientes que já usavam Metfomina e pacientes em que foi introduzido com TFG entre 30-60mL/min.
Para mais informações confira o artigo na íntegra (link abaixo) #diabetes #drc #ckd #t2dm #metformin #nefrologia #nephrology .
por Felipe Paste
Fonte: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/article-abstract/268251

Barbell fun. On this, you’ll be limited to what you can strict press. You can stay light and treat it as an Every Minute On The Minute (EMOTM) workout for 10 minutes, or you can go progressively heavier each round. Go with small incremental jumps and build volume over 6 rounds. .
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hApPeeeE bUrfdAy mY l!L cUzn cOoL sEa$On .lOve u kEep yO fOot oN dEy nEc .#ckd ❤4L


So glad is stumbled across this video. This guy is a legend he trained with legends #arnold all the classic #bodybuilders and what was their diet like 💭 low carb high protein high fat. So can you build muscle when severely restricting you carbs? YESSS
I’m going to prove it. Train protein fat sleep 💪🏻🥩🥛🍳💤💪🏻🥩🥛🍳💤💪🏻🥩🍳🥛💤💪🏻🥩🍳🥛💤 Follow my journey from #dadbod to #beachbody
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Some days feel like they have hold of your ankles and won’t let you go anywhere or do anything. We all know them well. They are tough. Whether you're living with cancer, crohn’s, colitis, kidney disease or any other chronic illness they are days when you need a bit of help - or a lot of help some days. Some light and warmth beneath you to launch you through your day, whether it’s a day of recovery in front of a box set, a short walk in the fresh air, or getting through a day at work. Having a friend or loved one’s support can make a big difference, or just knowing where to go to find purchases that will make life easier. We can though too often be reluctant to ask, or friends to offer. Usually because neither side knows how. We’ve put together some pages of resources that we have found really help as both patients and carers in four different ways - help keeping in touch with our network (it can feel like friends and family don’t understand the many challenges you face, but keeping them informed really helps); getting help with food - for yourself or your family, to keep you nourished and give you the energy to be you; balancing the many jobs that we all have to juggle and sometimes need some help with (REALLY don’t feel bad about asking, most people so want to help, they just need telling how); and some clothes that can really help for post-surgery days, ostomy wear, chemo sessions and more. We would though love to add to these with your ideas - things that have helped you. Please take a look at the link on our page today, see if there are resources that can help you, and let us know if there are more you think we should add.

医薬品用錠剤包装機「エコブリスタFBP-320E」で、#日刊工業新聞 社が主催する「第48回 #機械工業デザイン賞 」の「審査委員会特別賞」を受賞しました! 「使いやすい機械」をコンセプトに、操作パネルやスイッチ類の配置、錠剤充填テーブルの高さ、作業動線など人間工学を基に見直し、操作性、作業性、安全性、保守性、清掃性を向上しました。操作パネルは経験の少ない不慣れなオペレータにも配慮し、生産状況を簡単に確認できる画面設計を追求しました。
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