What an incredible weekend celebrating baptisms together! We are so humbled to witness lives being renewed and transformed. Share your baptism photos with us using #CHCCBaptism!

We cannot wait to celebrate more Baptisms this morning! Want to go public with your faith too? There's still time! Check out the Baptism booth in the lobby on your way into church. #CHCCBaptism

We've got coffee brewing! Come get some this morning before services at 9 or 11a. #CHCCBaptism

We celebrated some incredible stories of God's love tonight! More #CHCCBaptism tomorrow at the 9 & 11a services.

Are you ready to get baptized? There's still time to sign up before this weekend! Head over to cherryhills.com/baptism. #CHCCBaptism

"Getting baptized with my daughter was my way of showing her that not only am I loved by God, but that He redeemed me by giving me a second chance at life to be the best mom possible to her." -
Do you feel called to take the next step in your faith? Outdoor Baptisms are on August 6. Sign up & get more info at chcc.org/baptism. #BaptismCelebration #CHCCBaptism

We're still smiling as we remember the 132 people that were baptized this weekend! #CHCCBaptism #BaptismCelebration

Only ONE day until baptism weekend! There will be baptisms happening at all three services. Get here and celebrate! #CHCCBaptism

Only two more sleeps till baptism weekend! We can't wait to be a part of it! #CHCCBaptism

3 days til baptism weekend kicks off! Want to get baptized? There's still time to sign up! Head over to chcc.org/baptism to learn more. #CHCCBaptism

"Before entering the tank, at first I was a little fearful if not even apprehensive. But, as we entered the water it was as though every thought, every past sin, every one of life's burdens just melted away and I felt His hands on me." - Mike
Is it time to start thinking about the next step in your faith journey? The next Baptism Celebration is March 18 & 19. Visit chcc.org/baptism to learn more. #CHCCBaptism

#tbt to last weekend when 75 people's lives were transformed and renewed! #CHCCBaptism

Baptism weekend continues today! Come this morning at 9 & 11 a.m. to join in the celebration! #CHCCBaptism

1 hour till baptism weekend kicks off! The celebration begins at 5 p.m. #CHCCBaptism

1 more sleep till baptism weekend begins! There will be baptisms during all weekend services. Come out and see the celebration! #CHCCBaptism

2 sleeps till baptism weekend kicks off! Want to get baptized? There's still time to sign up! Visit the link in our profile to learn more. #CHCCBaptism

"One day, after almost losing a friend to suicide, I felt like I was hit in the face with reality. This wasn't me. I no longer wanted that. I wanted to be like Jesus. I wanted to enjoy life without worry of weight or judgement...I wanted to come back. So I did and started to make friends with Christ at their center. I felt closer to God as the weeks went by. I wasn't empty. Around that time, I decided to give all I had to God. My everything. When I got baptized, it was my way of showing satan that he had been defeated. Now, in the middle of high school, I can show the world what it's like to love and be loved." Thanks to Kaylee for courageously sharing her beautiful baptism story! #CHCCBaptism

We took the plunge to be baptized in front of family and the church! I couldn't be filled with more joy then putting my trust into the Lord! #chcc #chccbaptism

Thousands praying for hundreds participating in baptism today. #chccbaptism

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