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I've discovered I love listening to ♪♫♬ classical music when I'm working. 📚 🤓
Being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges! And a tendency to have a million ideas (simultaneously 😂😂) is one I struggle with on the daily #thestruggleisreal
It's slows me down and allows me to focus..... 🙄
What helps you get laser focused and in a creative productive space?

Raffle Prize
Went to @cloud_sesh on Friday...my number was called!
The candied bacon by @maldys_710 did not make it home.
Great local sesh events with local vendors. You will find everything from budget to Top Shelf Exclusives.
I tagged the picture with the vendor’s IG. Easily over $100 worth of products. 😎
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Hey! You, yes you! You too can become a better public speaker. Just like any other skill, with practice & a formula for success, you can calm your nerves & deliver a great presentation! ⭐I can help you do just that ⭐ #jje #publicspeaker #publicspeakingcoach #EMCEE #business #businessconsultant

Sometimes we just need to be still and listen. #bossup #listen #followyourdreams

Celebrating Deborrah Ashley – Tampa, Florida USA @leverageyouritfactor as a current Black History maker
Deborrah is prolific, fluent in her craft, and is consistently searching for ways to improve. She’s not scared to challenge or be challenged, and even with her vast experience, she keeps an open mind. Here’s our Q&A. Her first answer is here and the remaining five are in the comments.
1. HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE AN ENTREPRENEUR? While in Grad school, I did an assistantship with the Small Business Development Center, where I helped small business owners develop their marketing growth plans. As a young black woman in her 20s, it was amazing that people trusted their "baby" to me. The fact that they looked to me and believed in me so much, motivated me to make sure I would get them results. One day I was at the hairdresser and although I wouldn't typically be reading Black Enterprise there, I opened up the magazine and saw a feature on a client that I had worked with. The bug hit me when I saw his feature and remembered outlining how to get media coverage as one of his strategies for growth. From there, I ONLY wanted to work with small businesses.

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Recommended read for anyone wanting to create content that cuts through on social media. Happy Monday!

#MONDAY ⭐️ Pre-meeting selfie - A new week | new goals | a chance of new beginnings | make everyday #DIFFERENT
If you are not different to your competitors how will you grow? 🤔
@5ivestar_business_services #mondaymotivation

Who else ends up with a stack of personal and business receipts at the end of every week? 😱If I don’t clean out my purse and scan my business receipts as part of my weekly routine, I lose the receipt or I have so many that I end up throwing away the ones I need to keep. 🤦🏽‍♀️Not to mention if I wait too long, I feel overwhelmed by the number of receipts I need to scan and it becomes a bottleneck in my money management system. So this is my process for eliminating receipt clutter:
- Separate business and personal receipts
- Label business receipts
- Take a picture 📸 of the receipt with my phone and file electronically for my virtual assistant 👩🏽‍💻
- Place the processed business receipts into my folder for the month 📂
- Place the personal receipts into my basket 📥until the charge clears my account ^
This is a very simple process that helps me delegate simple bookkeeping tasks that I can’t go without! The best part is when I review my cashflow every week I can see exactly where money is being spent.
Do you have a process for processing your receipts and managing your cash flow? ^

A little Sunday Motivation: Make it Happen!

Isn’t it time to get off the fence about whether you should start a business? If not now, when? No, girl, the time to start your business is NOW!
This guide is a workbook and contains worksheets to keep you moving forward. *********
Here are the lessons:
1) Decide On a Business Idea
2) Identity Who Owns the Problem (this is your target market)
3) Funding Your Start Up
4) Brand Your Business
5) Make It Legal
6) Marketing Your New Business *********
So if your excuse for not starting your business is “I have no idea where to start” that is no longer true! This guide tells you what to do to get started and how to do it!

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