"Everything is hard before it is easy!" When you start learning the hard and dangerous art of fighting, everyone collides with a lot of rules, moves and complex movements that for first couple of training seem impossible to consider them all. How the fighters mange to think about them at all?

The answer is BY PRACTICE! No matter how complex a move is, it is always a sequence of several or many simple ones: 1. Starting position - your initial body posture or guard, fighting stance
2. Transitional move - that is related with transferring your body from your guard to the next safety beacon, that could be avoiding contact, blocking, tying opponent or pinning/riding position
3. Finishing move - could be punch, submission or advanced position/pin/ride

Considering the upper every move in your sport development will be only as good as your basic skills: fighting stance, footwork, transitioning and posture. Making the correct basic techniques a habit, by drilling and concentrating and patiently perfecting the moves you currently drill at class is the fastest way to high mastery in combat sports.

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