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All booked up this weekend with my girls.
If you haven't heard...#readingisthenewsexy.
Slay reading!!

#ReadSoulLit Photo Challenge Day 6 Make it into a Movie - well there are so many... Had trouble just picking one.😁 #readsoullit #blackhistorymonth2016 #blerdlife #BrownGirlReading #bookstagram

Day 18) An Underrated Book - The Girl Who Fell from the Sky #HeidiDurrow

Underrated only in the sense that it could benefit from a grassroots resurgence to once again get the title circulating more widely. I found it immensely engaging. And have shared with anyone who will listen. So, I say, share on.
#ReadSoulLit Black History Month Photo Challenge #BrownGirlReading #bookstagram 📚

#readsoullit Day 28: Wrap Up
I ❤ this book challenge so much! #readsoullitforever #readsoullit365 #browngirlreading @browngirlreading you rock! Thank you!!

After watching @browngirlreading review of her top 2016 books. I was inspired to give this book another try. #books #whatimwatching #thepolishedhoe #austinclark #browngirlreading

April TBR! 📚📚📚😁😅 #blerdlife #TBR #BrownGirlReading #books #bookstagram

Pulitzer winner Rita Dove (see her workspace by scrolling down to March 2) was nominated for the National Book Award for Poetry for Collected Poems 1974-2004.

The prize went to Daniel Borzutzky for The Performance of Becoming Human (Congratulations to him!) but we really like this picture by Didi @browngirlreading so we're sharing it in honor of all the finalists.
So now we ask - who is your favorite poet?
Repost ・・・
#fallthebooks Day 26 - Book + Nature - I'm loving this huge book of poetry. It's the best birthday present I've bought myself. #ReadSoulLit #ritadove #whiteroses 🌹 #bookstagram #BrownGirlReading #blerdlife #blackwomenwriters #photochallenge #poetry #greatread #currentlyreading #septemberreading @rita_d0ve_
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Mood board.

We can't wait till Wednesday to ask you what you're reading so hey, tell us! Also, which do you prefer: e-book, paperback or hardcover?

We're growing, and we want YOU to be a part of our journey! We've got room for:
Contributors //
Editors //
A graphic illustrator //
A content coordinator.

You don't have to be in Nigeria to apply; in fact, the more diverse, the better! You will however be badass, willing to create intellectual thirst and be able to think independently. You understand that your voice is a powerful tool. You're flexible and creative.

Sound like you? Check out: www.thebookbanque.com/joining to get the full brief on roles, what's in it for you & to apply. We're waiting on YOU 👋🏾

🙌Birthday books & a rainy day=perfection!!! Thanks babe💍💘⚓Novembers very own🦂 Art imitates life... Heard good things, can't wait👀
#ghanamustgo #stillsheisty #classyratchetwitch #🌚newmoon #ascending 💞@tnbaker_1 👑👊#tnbaker @taiye.entirely 👑👊 #taiyeselasi
#writersofinstagram #blackmediamatters #browngirlreading #bawdybookworm #grateful & THANK YOU 🤓
#happybirthdaytome #happybirthdayshoutouttoself #celebrateyourself

Today marks what would have been the 87th birthday of Chinua Achebe - a name almost synonymous with African literature. Never afraid to be daring, Achebe was a writer, critic, poet, editor and professor; who drove activism through his words. Beyond his writing, he was also a leader in the Biafra movement.

At the heart of his earlier work was often a representation of (Igbo) culture, beliefs and (oral) traditions — an anti-colonial stance, you may call it. In his first novel, Things Fall Apart, written in 1958, Achebe highlights the disruption of traditions, indigenous norms and self governance by the Christian missionaries/British government; using a blend of proverbs, folklore and Igbo language.

A lot can be said about Achebe but what we admire the most about his work is cadence and truth in which the stories were told. Be it a short story, a poem or book(let), his stories were told in a way where you have little to no choice but to trust him. Another thing that’s striking about his work - particularly his political criticism and commentary on Nigeria - is how relevant they remain, even decades later.
Achebe was/is indeed the father of African literature. His words live on, and have inspired a new generation of African writers and thought leaders — for which a thousand thanks would never be enough. Today and always, we celebrate Achebe! Not just for leaving us work to pass down to our children; but for his bravery, leadership and profound love for justice and Nigeria/Biafra.

Have you read any Achebe title? What stood out for you? // Ps: we’ve shared 10 quotes from his ‘The Trouble With Nigeria’ on literary: http://bit.ly/TBBNQ1Achebe // 📷: 1 Nayer; 2 @davidosagie.🎈

This week, all roads lead to @AkeFestival in Abeokuta! We are totally pumped, and are looking forward to the next 4 days of 12 stimulating panels centred around feminism; 6 book chats, and art exhibition and MORE.

Our super women - R, AV and T - will be at Ake, and would like to meet you! As a press partner, we'll also be covering some panels and live tweeting. Will you be at Ake?


Come say hi!🎈
@adebolarayo // @assumpta_v // @tobijaiyesimi ⚡️

It's FINALLY here! The Nigerian edition of Lesley Arimah's collection of short stores - 'What It Means When A Man Fall From The Sky' - published by @FarafinaBooks!


In our summer reads list earlier in the year, we shared our itch for this book, and told you to keep an eye out. In anticipation, we reviewed one of the short stories 'Who Will Greet You At Home.' Now, to have all stories complete: bliss.

Image: @bookminimalist. She's also doing a giveaway of this lovely collection! Head over to her page to enter. // Can't wait? Send us an email at info@thebookbanque.com to purchase a copy👋🏾

Schmood this morning!


A word for aspiring writers (and an excuse for reading) by Abubakar Ibrahim: "Avoid writerly cliques as much as possible. Don't waste your time looking for 'mentors'. The best mentors are books you read. Read as widely as possible then do close reading of the books you love. Sit down and write. Stop wasting your time and talent." Amen? Amen.

Image: @u_tbj.

*Happy 1st Birthday* to @bg_bookclub! 🖤 What Mel & Nat have managed to achieve in just a year is phenomenal! This is a sisterhood that I’m so privileged to be a part of - thank you for introducing me to so many beautiful souls. Here’s to more reading, drinking, laughing, giving it to dem & calling out wretches 😜😘 #BGBCBirthdayBash

What defines African Literature for you?


One of the things that struck me on reading on the African Writers Conference in 1962 was some writers' adamance to the definition of African Literature. The commonality was that if the work is/was written in non-native (African) language, it's not really to be considered as African Literature.

Fast forward to now where majority of our most celebrated - contemporary - African literature are written in English, and accorded the title of African literature, too. Something I find likewise ironic, going by a few reviews I've read over time, is a trace of disappointment for books in which the author ('over') references his/her local language without translation.

It thus seems that African Literature, or at least its definition, is constantly evolving. So, I'm curious to know what you think: how does one categorise African Literature? Is it defined by the setting of the book? Or perhaps, by whether the author is of African Origin? Or based on language? - T

Is it just us or has the lit scene been POPPING in the last few weeks? Goodness gracious; been spoilt for choice!


We are particularly agog for this weekend as for the first time in 55 years, prominent African literature writers and critics will meet again, to recount the first Makerere African Writers Conference in held in Uganda.


The conference held in 1962 had the likes of Achebe, Thiong'o, Neogy, Soyinka, JP Clark and Nkosi. The conference was particularly significant as it was held in the period that majority of African countries were vying for independence. Literature (then) was used as a tool against subjugation - both politically and linguistically - seeing a number of the authors writing in their respective languages.

This Saturday, the likes of Soyinka, JP Clark, wa Goro, Atta and Gibbs will gather at @SOASUni to celebrate and discuss African Literature! Excited yet? Get the full scoop on our What's On page and/or slide left for other lit-related events happening on the same day.


Will you be at any? Tell us; we'd like to meet you👇🏾

Just getting into this book but I am already in love with this story.
#colsenwhitehead #theundergroundrailroad #blog #bloglifestyle #bookreviewing #browngirlreading

I'm very happy to finally get my hands on this. @jasonreynolds83 thank you for writing books that teens want to read. #book #bookish #booktube #browngirlreading #blackgirljoy

Husband at the Cubs game means me and my #Tempranillo are busy catching up on our reading 🤓🍷📚#bookworm #bookstagram #books #booklover #winelover #spanishwines #mexicanwriter #browngirlreading #mexicanliterature #literatura #literature

Discussion Questions from Cocoa Reading First Meet Up is posted! Read, review, share, levitate.
Feel free to utilize this guided discussion!
Book: The Sisters Are Alright: Changing the Broken Narrative of Black Women in America written by #tamarawinfreyharris
kaitlynpalmerblog.com *Link In Bio.
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