Look at that adorable Brian there! Brolden or Brosenthal?

#teamstarkid #brianholden #bolden #brosenthal #brianrosenthal #averypottermusical

Okay I'm done
For now
#brianrosenthal #brosenthal

Day 9-favourite costume: 100% has to be joeys heart
I also really love jemillas outfit
#starkid30daychallenge #mamd #meandmydick #apocalyptour #firebringer #starkid #dikrats #ajholmes #brianrosenthal #brosenthal #meredithstepien #joeysheart #jemilla

Day 3-favourite male starkid: Joey Richter!!! I also love Brian Rosenthal so have a picture of him too.
Edit: this has changed.....a lot
I love brosenthal and Clark thanks dksksj
#starkid30daychallenge #starkid #joeyrichter #brianrosenthal #brosenthal #redvines#bananas

I’m such an intense fan of Starkid that I actually concern myself sometimes 😂
I would love if I could talk to someone and fan about things with them so if you’re up for a geek out any time just shoot me a comment!
#starkid #teamstarkid #leakycon #brianrosenthal #brosenthal #newtoinstagram

Day 6: Favorite Potion Master’s Corner - Lauren Lopez ( @slowpez8 ), Brosenthal ( @brianro_______ ), and Dylan Saunders ( @dylansaunders )
It’s just one of the reasons why everybody loves Lauren
I appreciate Brian’s emphasis on the “thal”
Moving my hips like *tone change* yeah
I stole these from Joe Moses, obviously
#starkid #laurenlopez #brosenthal #dylansaunders #joemoses #potionmasterscorner #starkid30daychallenge #starkid32daychallenge

#stickshift lessons. #brosenthal is learning how to drive a manual @fiat_official #500pop We're keeping the lost art of stick shift alive.

God, this had been one of the worst art blocks ever!! But I'm back now!! 😏 #avpmusical #quirrellmort #joewalker #brosenthal #fanart #pencildrawing

The Tin Can Babes!!
How is everyone doing tonight? I hope you all are doing well and that you are safe and that you're feeling content. Today for me was a little bit stressful and I feel like I have gotten into some sort of funk, but I know that I can pull myself out of it because it's my attitude that makes me. Sending positive vibes and love to everyone who needs it and I love you all so so so much. 💗

Helloooooo everyone!
How has your day been? I'm sorry I didn't post this morning, I had to take an early morning quiz. But I hope your day has been good! Much love! 💛💙

I just took a three hour (?) nap, and I don't know whether to feel good or bad about it. Like half of me is like, MORE PLEASE. And the other is like ZOMBIE. 😂😅 Anywho, how are y'all doing?💙

Goodnight everyone!
I hope you all had a nice day. Things might not be going to plan, but it'll all make sense later. (If that makes sense ahaha) It means that just because a door closes, doesn't mean another won't open. There will be so many opportunities for you! You are adored. You are loved. You are totally awesome! Say that three times. Say it before you go to bed. Say it, and you'll believe it. I love you all so much!!! Get a good nights rest, and I'll see you all bright and early for tomorrow's posting. Sleep tight! 😄💙

I'm multitasking by watching RuPaul's Drag Race and Holy Musical Batman. It's insane. It's awesome. I love them both. What's your favorite show? Mine right now is obviously RPDR. It's sickening! 💛😂

Good morning everyone!
I hope you all have a great day! Go get em!! You can do it! 💛💙

How's everyone's day going? I hope all is well. Love you all! I'll be posting AVPSY in a couple of hours, YAY! 💛

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