@anthony_franklinn buddie of mine caught this toad on Monday weighing in just a little over 4LBs unfortunatly not a single fish was Caught for me up at dworshack but super stoked for my friend. #monstersmallie #startingtogetgood #bringonthenewyear #bassfishing #smallmouthbass #fenwick #flugger #grub #jigs #nothingbutagoodtime #bassbuddies #favoriterodsusa🇺🇸 #favoritefishing #teamfavorite #wootungstenprostaff

"I can't do it..."

Day 77/80 // Me and Mittens are celebrating the LAST LEG DAY of 80 Day Obsession! Wow! Guys... heaviest I lifted was 80lbs today! Leg day phase 1 heaviest was 40lbs.... I think we call that PROOOGREEEESSSSSS🔥🔥 so cool to hear clients say, "can't wait to buy heavier weights this weekend!" ... wait, what?! Who are you people 🤣🤣😳
Oh.... they are OBSESSED 🤣😍😍😍... also, doing something SUPER FUN TONIGHT!!! Watch for my LIVE VIDEO TONIGHT AT 9pmCT!!!!! 😍🙌🏻

2017 was incredibly good to me. Everything from motherhood, school, work, travel, my career, and opportunities. This year I decided to create my own happiness and focus on bettering myself every single day. I’m extremely grateful, and have little to no complaints. Despite my meltdowns from time to time, it’s all positive vibes ‘round here!! I’m excited for what 2018 has in store for me!

My strength didn't come from lifting weights... my strength has come from picking myself back up, every time I've been knocked down... .
never stop fighting... never give in <3

Day 75/80 // aaaaandddd...sometimes you have to smack your OWN ass to get you going in the morning 😆🙋just sayin! .

"What do you do when you travel?" 😳me: "what do you mean?!" 🤣🤣
For real tho... one week left 😭I'm already on the verge of TEARS and can't express how incredible this journey has been.. not only for my clients, but for me. When day 80 comes, I know I'll be a crying mess. I can't believe the progress we have made in 80 days, the commitment, the hard work, the process... it was probably the most amazing fitness journey of my life ... 😭😭❤️
Now let's shower and get to Super Saturday ❤️

Day 72/80 // Mittens is letting me know that he's sad the program is coming to an end soon... 😫🤣
For real! Sad to retire today's Total Body Core workout! But my mind is in awe that we have 8 more workouts to go 😳This is has been the journey of a lifetime guys... in more ways than I could ever describe! Ready to start your journey? 👉🏻💌❤️

Day 71/80 Leg Day 😳
Convinced that as women we train legs so we can easily jump to conclusions ... 😏

I'm not sure there has been a time I have been MORE PROUD as a coach. DAILY I check in with my current clients and coaches and I am constantly BLOWN AWAY by them!!!
I have a group that is ONE WEEK away from completing their first round and I've NEVER - EVER - had this many women STICK through the ENTIRE program! Group 1 was 50+ as it is!!! 13 weeks of sheer WILL and determination to see this through and they are DOING IT!!!! GAH!!!! And second group is in phase 2 and my third is kicking ass through phase 1 :D AND PREP for my NEW 80DAY group starts THIS MONTH and I'm gearing up for their round to ROCK!!!!!
I still have spots OPEN! COMMIT TODAY!!! and in 80 Days, we celebrate! <3

I already have the best birthday gift EVER > having amazing family & friends to support me every step of the way. I am #endlesslygrateful to have you all in my life 🙈🙏(+) thank you @margaux_robert for being an angel as always & keeping my belly full 🤣 @gitanotulum
#blessed #mexico #tulum #2k19 #bringonthenewyear

Haven't washed my hair in 3 days.
Changed out of one pair of sweats to another.
Coffee pot on all day.
Read some.
Worked some.
Ate great, wholesome food.
Laid down for a few.
Laughed... a lot! 🤣
...did all this with my mom and sis 🖤
Too blessed to be stressed.
Happy Easter 🐣

This is my favorite time of the year but what's also fun is seeing our cattle change and perform for new families ❤️#bringonthenewyear #throwback #chasingpurple #royalvalleyshowcattle

I have had a LOT of good days lately... so many that I lost track.
But when you struggle with anxiety and depression, you know that the slightest tricker and quickly pull your brain into a spiral of SHIT THOUGHTS that can ruin your day. .
And that's where we are. In the throws of SHUT DOWN mode which is my go to defense with anxiety. Working hard to shut my brain OFF by drowning it out... .
Yes I know you look for motivation and support on this page .. but sometimes I need it as much as I give it ❤️ ... this too shall pass ❤️

Day 65/80 // Leg day 😳💦exhausted today - as you can see, Mittens is too 🤣🖤
Guys... 15 days to goooo😳 When this program was about to start, I was talking to CLOSE to 200 women about joining me on this 80 day journey... 50 took the leap! And YOU SHOULD SEE THEM NOW 😱😳- imagine if all 200 women committed and ALL 200 women CHANGED THEIR LIVES?! ❤️ Where would YOU be after 80 days?!🤔

So yesterday was my #27th birthday...to be honest it’s been a jam packed year. I learned so much and I’ve grown in so many ways. #life is a bear if you make it, but it can be such a wonderful experience if you try and take every situation and use it for positive growth; I didn’t always get there right away but with the big team with me, they always helped me get there.
@__n.i.c.k.___ @adriana.kings (and my two parents) I thank God for you guys all the time and believe me, I miss you guys a whole lot. I’m so #thankful that our parents raised us the way they did because using those lessons - good and bad - have gotten me to listen to people in the ways that really matter. My family is #awesome ❤️❤️
@acsohgan what a year! Ashley you came down today to make sure I wasn’t alone for my #birthday because you knew I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. You keep surprising me and it makes all the difference. You really #love me and you know how frustrated I get with some things but you keep being there to listen and #support me. You are so sweet and caring. ❤️❤️
@moses.maddox seriously - thank you. We haven’t been #working together long, and you may not fully realize what I’ve learned from you so far. There’s plenty of times where I’d like to go and work at plenty of the other places that we know are so readily available but I figured that I’d wait until I had to so I could soak up as much as I could from you. You know I’m not there for the #money but time spent with you is literally adding segments to my personality in such #positive ways. 🙏🤔
@muscle_momof2 Lauren! We haven’t been working together long but I’ve tagged you because I have a lot of faith that we’re gonna #win some pretty cool stuff this year. If you ask anyone about me; (among the #good AND #bad things they might say about me lol) Pablo #achieving what he wants is definitely the common denominator. 👍☝️
#year #family #friends #balloons #motorcycle #csusm #sanmarcos #npc #physique #bringonthenewyear #bethechange

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