You know how people stress breastfeeding, I truly believe in it! Jace is back on breathing treatments and steroids and Emmett has never had a steroid or even and antibiotic for that matter. I breastfed Jace 6-8 weeks and Emmett 13 months. Then again maybe it has nothing to do with breastfeeding, it could be because Jace was six weeks early and Emmett was full term. I’m not comparing, because apparently you’re not suppose to do that when you have multiple children. I’m just saying I really wish I would’ve done it longer with Jace, every little bit helps if you’re able to. The only reason I bring this up is because Jace asked why Emmett never gets sick 😔 I just explained that some people’s bodies are different than others and that’s the way God made you.....idk, seemed to help though. Anyway you’d never know Jace had all this medication going on until he has major breakdown over something insane......thanks prednisone! Regardless hes always proved to be strong every year! He should be better soon and no he’s not contagious! #breastfeeding #boys #jaceandemmett #emmettandjace #breathingtreatmentsarenofun #hewillgetbetter #tistheseason #sweetjace #littleemmett

Everything is better with support.

Ever have those days you REALLY didn’t want to do something you knew you should want to? Sometimes your thoughts get the best of you but when you lean on support, you can get through.
Some days Jameson sits still for his breathing treatments...some days like today he screams and cries and struggles through the whole time. He started crying, and without any prompting Jaxson game over with a book and read to him until it was over.
Why is it so much easier to give support than accept it sometimes?

💗Life is tough my darling, but so are you💗 #AvaiyaMcKay #breathingtreatmentsarenofun #finallygettingbetterthough

At least we’re not having a complete meltdown this time. Poor baby
#sickkiddo #breathingtreatmentsarenofun #isthedragonsupposedtomakeitmorefun #itdoesntwork

Never to old to smoke the pipe #breathingtreatmentsarenofun @rob_gwell

We’re back! aaaaand Pookie brought back Nasty Pneumonia 😩😨 with a lovely Combination of the Flu 🤒 #coctailsordered #shotsgiven and #breathingtreatmentsarenofun 🤦🏽‍♀️

Breathing treatment for this little girl #breathingtreatmentsarenofun

Love this picture of my hubby giving our baby girl her breathing treatment last night. I'm so blessed to have him as a husband and a daddy to our kids. Ellie Grace has had a rough couple of days, but is on the mend. #ellieanddaddy #breathingtreatmentsarenofun #shesadaddysgirl #atnight #sicknessgoaway

My poor sweet baby girl.... hoping this helps. Thanks Auntie @erin_lani for the supplies until we can get her machine on Monday! #beingsicksucks #breathingtreatmentsarenofun #littlekenzielynch #mommyswholeworld #daddyslittlegirl

Day 2 in the hospital with this horrible croup...hopefully we get to go home soon! #momlife #zacharythomas #croupsucks #breathingtreatmentsarenofun

This is all I have been doing the last week !!!! Poor baby boy #breathingtreatmentsarenofun

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