What’s for dinner tonight? How about a rice bowl with tofu, grilled veggies, fresh herbs & an amazing peanut sauce to pour all over it! At my postpartum nutrition seminar yesterday, I raved about my favorite local tofu company @phoenixbeantofu and we made a no-cook recipe with their five-spice tofu. It’s not only delicious, but packs calcium (40% DV), iron (25% DV) and protein (18g) in a 3oz serving. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, remember that multivitamins are meant to *supplement* your diet. MVs don’t contain protein, they’re usually low in calcium, and gummy vitamins don’t contain iron, so make sure the food you eat is providing what you need! (Although iron needs decrease during breastfeeding, iron-rich foods are still an important part of your diet and can help you reduce the need for a supplement which may cause constipation - and who needs that after giving birth 😳). Also, if you’re new to cooking with tofu, this one is foolproof since it’s already pressed and flavored. If you want that tangy, creamy peanut sauce recipe, message me 😘. #meatlessmonday #whatsfordinner #vegan #ricebowl #plantbased #tofu #fertility #pregnancy #prenatal #postpartum #breastfeeding #reproductivenutrition #reproductivedietitian

Our 💯 organic teething necklaces would make a perfect baby shower gift! They are great for teething babies, baby wearing and breastfeeding 🚲❤️

Ayer estuve en la actividad realizada por las voluntarias de la Liga de la leche materna de Paraguay ❤️
Mujeres que empoderan lactancias, son geniales 💪🏻
Si necesitan ayuda no duden en contactarlas, en el Facebook tienen el directorio por zona ☝🏻
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XO dinner.
Crock pot roast cooked with @brianamthomas BBQ sauce, salad with slim jelly dressing, sweet potato with cottage cheese.
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#Repost @ibfanbrasil (@get_repost)
"Que o leite materno é importante todo mundo sabe. Mas, no Brasil, só 41% das crianças são amamentadas exclusivamente com leite materno até os 6 meses, como a Organização Mundial da Saúde recomenda.

Agora, a ciência revelou mais um motivo para as mães amamentarem. Pesquisadores da UFMG descobriram que o desenvolvimento do fígado está diretamente ligado ao consumo de leite materno nos primeiros meses de vida. “O fígado é como se fosse o berço de todas as células de defesa que vão funcionar a vida inteira. Nesse momento inicial da vida, quando o fígado está ainda amadurecendo, o leite materno é um alimento que já vem pronto da mãe para o filho. É como se mãe poupasse o fígado de precisar exercer funções de digestão porque ela já fez esse papel para ele através do leite materno. O que nós percebemos com a pesquisa é que se nós adiantarmos esse desmame drásticas mudanças acontecem no fígado”, explica Gustavo Menezes, coordenador da pesquisa."
Leia a matéria completa em: https://g1.globo.com/jornal-nacional/noticia/2018/09/22/leite-materno-protege-o-figado-dos-bebes-conclui-estudo-da-ufmg.ghtml

IBFAN - Desde 1979 defendendo a amamentação .
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#consultoriaamamentação Atendimento em Jataí e região

Haven't posted in a while as we've been travelling to Wales to visit some family that haven't met Tiger yet. It was so lovely to see him with his great grandparents 👵🏼👴🏼👶🏽 We've been to see lots of old friends as well and had a lovely catch up with some really old friends! Weather isn't the best and the nights are getting cold, but that just calls for extra cuddles in bed ❤️ #singlemumlife #singlemum #ouradventures #mixedbabies #mixedrace #afrobabies #tigerjai #tiger #love #son #breastfeeding #mumslife #mumblog #mumblogger #greatgrandma #greatgrandpa #family

Hi, I've done nothing for 4 weeks!

Body wise I haven't been able to love or hate how I look after having Alyssa and I'm truly thankful for that. Instead I've been busy thinking about healing my body, for those of you who don't know I had Aly via C-section and 3 weeks later my gallbladder was removed due to inflammation and infection. And although it's been hard having two back to back surgerys I'm happy I haven't struggle with how I look.

These past 4 weeks have had it's good times and bad. Aly and I are still struggling with breastfeeding and its heart aching for me. You hear all these "blissful" moments when a baby first feeds and you never hear the shitty ones. My boobs hurt cause she won't feed and nipples hurt from pumping.
Where are those stories? The one that says "My baby screams her head off as I try and shove my boob in her face." Haha but really it's been hard yet fun cause I'm learning so much! That's only one part of it! There's been ups and downs these first few weeks but I'm loving being Alys mom!

Anywho only took my body 4 weeks to get back into my jeans, they are just a little snug but hey, they're on!
Only 8Ibs till I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight!
#postpartumbody #4weekspostpartum #breastfeeding #csectionrecovery #gallbladdersurgery #afterpregnancy

Today's Challenge was no easy task! My kids were playing outside among the mosquitos, even with amazing oils they are in full attack mode! Come on cold snap! I love all creatures but this is really bad! In a small home we need our outside days! Mama needs it to!
My amazing daughter over @katelingootee was actually able to get a few pictures of them playing in the backyard. They actually were able to hold still just long enough for the picture and not get bite! @jamerrillstewart I have loved this challenge! Day 24 complete!
How are you spending your Monday? I hope it is going crazy good!!
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One year ago today 💛 Our own little family traditional spot for pumpkins, donuts and fun 🧡 Can’t wait to go this year 🎃

Morning cuddles are my favorite.
So, I found out why this lil dude has been so fussy... basically, I was not producing enough milk and he was hungry.
I have it all figured out now and I pumped off some for backup now to get my supply up to what he needs (probably more now since I can pump off some and freeze it)

There it is. Right there in the middle. In all its glory. All the blood, sweat, and tears ending right here. The last bag. Two years, 27 days. We made it. We. Made. It.
There are so many hard decisions we have to make as moms. From before our babies even enter this world, we are making choices for them and their futures. Some moms, like me, are planners and find peace when we make to-do lists of our to-do lists and other moms are the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type. I'm jealous of those moms.
I made a plan for baby #3 that I was going to be the best nursing mama on the planet. On demand. I got it. You want it. Here you go, kid. What I have is yours. Anytime. Anyday. Anywhere. Bam.
But then, reality. And nothing about that plan happened.
When my little fella was just two weeks old, at the advice of our pediatrician, I hooked myself up to a milking machine. And for one year, 8 months, and 24 days, I hauled that thing around everywhere I went. I had pump parts and bottles and coolers and ice packs and bottle brushes and extra pump parts in case something broke and cords and wireless adaptors, and a backup manual just in case. I was basically a dairy cow. And when Memorial Day weekend came and the big kids were almost out of school for the summer, I decided it was time. We had frozen enough milk to make it to two years old. That was my goal. My 3rd or 4th or 5th goal. Because amongst this small, never talked about, rarely supported group of breastfeeding moms who exclusively pump, we survive on goal setting.
And we made it. We made it two years and 27 days. Broken pumps, spilled milk, no dairy, lactation cookies, power pumps, mastitis, wrong flanges, torn membranes, dead batteries, clogged ducts, leaking bottles, loads of coconut oil, freezer stash, no freezer stash, rotating milk problems, maymom adaptors, leaking bags all over the refrigerator shelves, makeshift forgotten parts, against all odds... We made it. And it feels good.
My favorite words of advice that I pass on to all pumping moms:
See comments because I type too much for IG.

Lo verdaderamente mágico de "La Magia de la leche" es haber sido elegido como libro que se entrega a las mamás donantes de leche en 6 Comunidades Autónomas cuando terminan su donación.
Hoy, se han seguido plantando semillas para estrechar mi colaboración con la Asociación Española de Bancos de Leche a través de mi libro. Una mañana de lo más especial y enriquecedora! Gracias a Nadia, coordinadora del Banco Regional de Leche Materna del Hospital Universitario 12 Octubre de Madrid. Mi reconocimiento a esas mamás donantes, admiración a las mamás de bebés prematuros y agradecimiento a todos los que hacen posible esta labor. #lactancia #lactanciamaterna #donaciondeleche #maternidad #neonatos #prematuros #bebesprematuros #donardavida #lechematerna #lamagiadelaleche #fundacionaladina#bancosdelechehumana #bancodeleche #lamagiadelaleche #bebés #lactanciamaternaexclusiva #breastfeeding #milkdonation #humanmilkforhumanbabies #milkbank

I couldn’t choose, they were all just so cute 😂❤️ is it just me or in the last one does it look like she’s just heard some shocking news? :’) her shirt rings true though, she’s quite the eating machine!

Whipped these two up in a roller for a new welcome kit and I’m in love! ❤️ Happiness + Courage makes a pretty amazing combo!

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