#BreakthroughCHCC may be done, but prayer never ends! Get here for corporate prayer times at 6p on Tuesday, 12p on Wednesday, & 7a on Thursday, through the first week of January.

The #1 lie of the enemy is that prayer is boring. Incredible word from @jontyson this weekend! 🔥🙏🏽 #breakthroughchcc

Do not miss the finale of #BreakthroughCHCC today! Jon Tyson is bringing a powerful message.

"What a beautiful name it is..." -
#BreakthroughCHCC continues tomorrow at 9 and 11a. Don't miss it!

"A large part of receiving is acting the way you would if you had received it, before you’ve seen it." #BreakthroughCHCC

Come worship with us this morning! #BreakthroughCHCC

@shane_farmer continues our #breakthroughchcc series today at 9 & 11am. Hope to see you soon!!

Our first corporate prayer time starts TONIGHT @ 6 in the Cherry Hills prayer room! Get here!! 🙏🏽 #breakthroughchcc

All resistance to your prayer, if you’re praying according to God’s will, is not God’s resistance. @shane_farmer #BreakthroughCHCC

"Never forget that anything that is good, lovely, true is what God wants." Shane Farmer #BreakthroughCHCC

"When you called my name...I ran out of that grave!"

Join us at 9 & 11a. Series on prayer continues. #breakthroughCHCC

What does it mean to "bind" Satan? Our series on prayer, #BreakthroughCHCC, continues this morning!

What does it mean to ‘bind’ Satan? Today at 9 and 11a. #BreakthroughCHCC series on prayer continues.
Look for more AHS families in Section A at 11a.

Tonight was amazing! Get here tomorrow for more #BreakthroughCHCC at 9 or 11a.

Thirty minutes till we kick off #BreakthroughCHCC services. End your weekend well!

Fasting is grieving now for joy later. @shane_farmer | Our series on prayer continues, & this week, we're talking about fasting! #BreakthroughCHCC

#BreakthroughCHCC continues! This weekend, we're talking about fasting. Why fast? Find out tomorrow at 9 or 11a.

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