Мой любимейший бальзам для умывания с горячим полотенцем от #Botanics сменил упаковку, стал более стильным, не менее качественным и его дополнили салфеткой для умывания. Не помню, была ли она а в старой версии! P.S. Баночка справа - старенький экземпляр #annakidisibeauty #annakidisi #botanicsuk #botanicsboots #97organic #hotclothcleansingbalm #botanicshotclothcleansingbalm #boots #bootsbotanics

Day 14 is it? #morethanjustskin courtesy of @antiageingamber and @morethanjustskin 😘 🌟🌟C L E A N S E R S 🌟🌟 I have far too many to list, these are my current rotating ones. #oskia #renaissancecleansinggel this is growing on me. It's like a thin balm erm a gel then! Ha full of goodness and doesn't sting the eyes, I use this as a second cleanse. #biologiquerecherche #laitu this i haven't shown much love recently and this brand worked for me, such a div! I'm so so forgetful and get caught up in fancy stuff, this works! Controls sebum etc very good for oily skin doesn't strip or dry. #lush #angelsonbareskin this has to be used correctly to get the best results see @lizalaskabeauty she's done a fab instruction guide. Made me fall in love with this, due to price (inexpensive) most say use a a first/make up removing cleanser but I love this on my skin. #boots #botanicshotclothcleansingbalm now this baby is a great Emma h dupe! A little thicker and becareful you don't use too much as it can be tricky to remove. No eye sting, perfectly dissolves make up and SPF and leaves skin feeling lovely. #emmahardie #amazingfacemoringacleansingbalm ive seen tons of these today on the cleanser day and there is a reason... It's bloody amazingly gorgeous and luxe! A little goes a long way, it smells gorgeous you get loads for your ££ buy it, buy it right now. I've loads of other faves but we can't list them all I'll be here all night! #366inskincare #beauty #beautyreview #cleanser #skincareproducts #skincareblog #bblogger

A couple of busy days in between but now I'm back with #septemberskinchallenge 😅 Day 13 is "Scincare empty" and mine is Botanics Organic Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. This is my 5th jar and it's almost empty. 😭 I need to restock BUT for some reason I can't find this at Boots International anymore! Whyyyy? This is a perfect cleansing balm, a luxury product for a fraction of the cost, only £8,99 at Boots. They don't sell this in Finland, so I'm in need of a replacement if I can't order this from @international.boots anymore. This deep-cleansing balm contains a blend of shea butter, rosehip and jojoba oil and removes all my makeup. 👌🏻 #skincareempty #cleansingbalm #bootsinternational #1stcleanse #botanicshotclothcleansingbalm #botanicsorganic #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine


NAME: botanics hot cloth cleansing balm

PRICE: £8.99 (I got it for £5.99 on special offer)

MY STORY: I've cleansed with e45 & a face brush for years now, but I appreciate not everyone wants to slather on mineral oil & scrub their face with a brush. Hence I finally tried a cleansing balm. I chose this because it has great reviews & whilst being cheap is comparative to more expensive brands.

Unlike e45 this product becomes an oil rather than a cream. To begin with I found it awkward using a cleansing cloth. I was also convinced that the balm wasn't cleansing my face or washing off properly as it felt like it left a residue behind so I was waiting for my skin to break out!
However, with perseverance I'm finding that as long as I am thorough with the cloth, my skin doesn't need to feel stripped of moisture to feel cleansed.

The smell is strong & reminds me of henna. Anyone sensitive to fragrance be warned but I've had no breakouts, my skin is feeling softer than ever & the texture is improved. I find the cloth is gentler at exfoliating than my face brush but equally as effective.

All in all I've enjoyed this, it has definitely encouraged me to try other balms now that I know my skin won't freak out & for anyone wishing to use a balm I'd highly recommend trying this. I'm going to use up my store if e45 & decide then whether I want to repurchase or try other products.

AIM: This balm leaves skin smooth, soft & clean. The polishing action of the muslin cloth removes dirt, revealing a radiant complexion.

DIRECTIONS: massage on dry face in place of cleanser to remove makeup or as morning/second cleanser. Dampen cloth & polish skin in circular motions, rinse & repeat until product removed.

Top 5 ingredients*:

Olive fruit oil
Jojoba seed oil
Shea butter
Sweet almond oil

*Contains other plant/seed oils

PROS: cheap, mostly organic, removes makeup, doesn't cause break outs. Exfoliating cloth. Good for all skin types.

CONS: fragrance, oily texture may not be to everyone's taste. Takes time to get used to using a cloth. Shea butter & beeswax potentially acne inducing if not rinsed properly.

Rating: 4/5

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