Just getting a drink before bedtime. ⠀

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We’ll take that for breakfast, please and thank you!⠀

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Pengolah makanan 4-in-1: Steam cooks, blends, defrosts dan reheats Kapasitas XL.
Dengan fungsi botol hangat dan sterilisasi.

Berikut kelebihan dari 4-in-1 Beaba Original Babycook.
• Dapat mengukus dalam waktu 20 menit: Tetap menjaga kandungan rasa dan vitamin. • Pisau yang tajam : Untuk pencampuran yang disesuaikan, sesuaikan konsistensi dengan usia anak (potongan halus, bubur,). • Penutup uap yang dapat dilepas: Berfungsi sebagai pemanas botol dan sterilisasi.
• Kantung pengukus yang dapat dilepas: Kemungkinan mengumpulkan jus yang kaya akan vitamin dan mineral untuk memodulasi tekstur persiapan.
• Matikan secara otomatis saat persiapan dimasak: Tidak diperlukan pemantauan.
• Gelas ukur : Mudah mengukur jumlah air untuk dituangkan ke dalam tangki.
• Spatula: Praktis untuk mengangkat keranjang uap, mengaduk, dan mengosongkan makanan ke dalam mangkuk tanpa dibakar.

Aksesoris: Disertakan dengan penutup blending / smoothie filtre, spatula, dan buku resep.
Perawatan: Penutup, keranjang, tutup, pisau: Cuci dengan tangan atau mesin pencuci piring. Bagian tubuh perangkat: Bersihkan dengan kain lembut.

WA : 08113360682877
Line : @sahabat.bunda
FB Page : fb.me/sahabatbunda01

Available in 4 colors :
Purple - Green
Blue - Orange
Purple - Pink
Green - Blue

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Excited to have my little try this @booninc feeder and seeing how she likes it!😊💗

Show some love if you’d like a review for this @booninc product. 💗👍🏻

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From bottles to pacifiers, the @booninc GRASS holds all your baby accessories as they air dry. Water drains into the lower tray, where it's completely contained. And it's got a sweet, natural presence, like a meadow full of baby deer. Only smaller. And without the deer. Pick yours up at @baby.bunting ➡ https://bit.ly/2otM3uN

Who needs a shirt when you have accessories this great? SNUG SPOUT compliments any cup – and look – your little comes up with. ⠀

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What is something you despise doing in your home? 🤔 What is something you love doing in your home? // I absolutely cannot stand to do the dishes. I am thankful I have dishes, and meals to put on them. But I just don’t like washing them and our dishwasher makes it worse 🙈 I try to do the dishes every single day, no matter how angry I am at them 🙄 but they pile so quickly! Growing up, doing the dishes was almost a punishment for me and I had to do them in a specific way. So I think that carried on into adulthood and made me want to stay far away from the sink. However, my girls LOVE helping with the dishes. I hope they hold onto that forever🍴Something I love doing is laundry. I do laundry every day and it doesn’t bother me one bit. It takes me a little longer to put things away because I get tired quickly (I blame health problems for the last 6 years) but I love the whole laundry process! Washing, drying, folding, hanging, etc. 👚👕👖🧣I think just this year I’ve gotten into a decent schedule for adulthood. I’m not so confused anymore 😂 #26yearsold #whatamidoing

“I feel like I’ve been daydreaming of all the cute bento box lunch ideas via Pinterest for YEARRRRSS and now that we actually have one (with removable compartments for different meals of different sizes🙌🏻) my mama heart is totally bursting! It’s the little things, right?” - 📸 + 💭 = @erinbachman_

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It’s #FLAIRFriday and we’re sharing a photo of this adorable cutie from @zoe_in_sd. We are loving all these adorable fan photos. Keep ‘em coming using the hashtag #FLAIRFriday for a chance to be featured!

“NURSH”-ing gets us more excited than a #GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away a full set of NURSH products including: a 3-pack of 4 oz. NURSH bottles, extra silicone pouches and stage 2 nipples to five lucky winners. Check below 👇🏼 to learn how to enter.

1. Follow us on Instagram: ( http://bit.ly/2x3hP7Z).⠀
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3. Comment below by answering the question: What has been your biggest challenge with feeding baby?⠀

Hurry! Contest ends Friday, September 14 at 11:59 p.m. EST. 📸: @erinbachman_

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Boon trava za sušenje bočica i ostalog baby pribora nas je oduševio 😍😍 Tko ga je već isprobao?
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Tamamen çocuğunuza özel Boon Yemek Seti ile yemek zamanları çoook daha keyifli 😍😍 *Küçük kaseleri tabağın kenarında istediğiniz yere takabilirsiniz. Fiyatı: 89,90 TL🎈 www.bebekform.com #bebekform #boon #booninc #boongroovy #beslenme #cocuk#tabak #catal #blw #annebebek #kaymaztaban #groovymodware #kahvaltı #breakfast #kids #günaydın #morninh

Put down the dish towel. I repeat- put down the dish towel. Whether you hand wash bottles (bless you) or put them in the dishwasher, you need this @booninc drying lawn. Don’t waste your time with the “grass” (smaller version) because you’ll end up realizing you need the bigger one. It has the CUTEST accessories that fit into it to dry the tiny bottle parts and you might just smile seeing it sit on your countertop doing the work for you. I’ll admit- I thought I didn’t need one. Don’t tell my husband I’m actually admitting this but yes, I was wrong. Bottles and their parts dry in minutes! Don’t ask me how- just make sure you get one!
Where to buy: @target @amazon or register for it on @babylist

Happy bub, happy mum! Our NURSH revolutionary air-free feeding design is an Australian first and available exclusively at @baby.bunting. Get yours today: https://bit.ly/2N6TSXx (📷: @mega_mamma)

BOON FORBE: I know you’re seeing this and probably thinking, “A bottle brush is a bottle brush” and I’m here to tell you- No!! No it’s not!!
Have you ever had a sucky bottle brush? They fall apart, don’t fit in the bottle easily, don’t do a good job once you jam them in there and hold gross germs. Not ok while you’re baby is screaming FEED ME!! If so, I’m sorry, and thankfully you’ve found this post. This is THE one and only brush you need. It’s truly amazing. It cleans bottles and nipples too- quick, clean, doesn’t hold bacteria, DOES hold soap and oh so cute. As you know with a baby, the little things are the big things and this is one of those BIG THINGS!
Buy at: @amazon @nordstrom @target

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