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بس طيفك ما تركني ضل ساكن وسط جفني
كان يذكر وانتَ ناسي
كان طيّب وانت قاسي .. #hiswindow 💔

Don't call it a come back. We've been here for years. #familychallenge #bodybyvi @visalus #rb2rs

For those asking the protein I use is #BODYBYVI 👉🏽 I Add chocolate 🍫 packets to it! Order your KIT which suits you & your goals👉🏽 CLICK link above

#bodybyVi shakes..... You better get you some.... If I can do it do it, so can you.... #teamHealthy
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Feeling extra blessed after a long weekend spent with amazing friends and family. I I learned so much at the Visalus conference in London , and I am so thankful that I can have such an amazing job helping people become the best versions on themselves. Just as @nicksarnicola said, "Everyday you are either getting better or getting worst. Human beings are like trees , they are either growing or they are dying." 🌲🍃 #Vilife #vifamily #bodybyvi #90daychallenge

Join my Hard In The Yard fitness challenge. I lost 50 pounds without ever stepping inside of a gym. Let me get you right... #healthiswealth #bodybyvi #fitnesschallenge #hardintheyard #anticsfitness

This may be a bit of a long post, so bear with me. In 2016, I lost about 40 pounds from practically starving myself from severe depression and anxiety... After starting an anti-depressant as well as several other new medications, I felt so much better.. I started eating more and didn't work out as much. I've gained 25 pounds back so easily because I lost weight the WRONG way!! I noticed stretch marks around my belly button tonight and started bawling.... I've had Body By Vi diet supplement sitting around the house for a while now, and I'm going headstrong to lose weight once again. I will NOT be the "fat news anchor" and I REFUSE to feel so low about myself that I starve myself. I'm doing this the right way this time and I REFUSE to give up. Just wait on the come up, because fitness is gonna be my best friend from now on. #BodyByVi

Haha body by B! #bodybyvi #cumbia #Tejano


Stocking up.... When you serious about your fat burning goals. #marquezfit #bodybyvi #vishape #visalus #gymlife💪 #fitness #pre-workout

So today was my cheat meal and I didn't take pics, but I think it was a good "cheat meal." Notice I didn't sat *cheat day* lol. It's a cheat meal only and that's how it should be to not jeopardize our goals. I loved family time with mil, fil, sil, bil, hubby and babies and I am ready to burn it off. :P l love my life just as it is. I love how good I feel when I eat good, and I'm actually a little sleepy after that heavy meal, but I'm going to workout. If I still feel sleepy after my workout -I'll take a nap. :D I deserve naps too, although I rarely take it with 3 kiddos. Oh and I don't get as tired any more with my clean eating and Vi :P
Have a beautiful day y'all!
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Determination is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Please, get the work done. #gymlife💪 #fitness #fitlife #fatburner #burnfat #visalus #vishape #bodybyvi

بس طيفك ما تركني ضل ساكن وسط جفني
كان يذكر وانتَ ناسي
كان طيّب وانت قاسي .. #hiswindow 💔

So I knew I was gonna wear this tight ass I'm sexy DJ man shirt ..but it sure don't fit like it used too! Ha ha so I ain't eating I'm sipping breffas and lunch until I come out or bust out this shirt. #bodybyvi Not a Rep but this is good stuff

Don't be fast, easy or fake. Be fresh, full of nutrients and fulfilled! #aliciakaufman #alicia4totalhealth #bodybyvi #vilife #project10 #project10kids #vifamilychallenge

Good morning 😍🌸🌻🌼

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Something to think about!! Are your goals SMART? ✅ #fitness #motivation #visalusniagara #gym #goals #fitnessgoals #work #invest #wealth #visalus #bodybyvi

Just warming up for the summer 🙌🏾

This was my day. :) I think I did pretty good overall.
it's hard staying on track when I'm home all day w/kiddos. Although I have plenty of healthy stuff around, I have to resist the urge to just grab vi cookies when I want lol, or be snacking on almonds all day. Lol. Although they're not bad, I don't want to mindlessly overeat. It's easy to overeat when we don't track, at least for me it is.
I'm sharing in hopes of showing others that weightloss doesn't have to be boring salads all the time, or plain baked chicken or fish. Lol. EAT REAL FOODS! :D play around with food and find what you love and make it healthier. If it's junk food, portion control and add a whole lot of veggies. Ahha :) It's not easy for me like many may think. I have to work for it. This may seem like a lot of food to many, and it might seem minimal to others. It's enough for me. some days I am hungrier and other days I am less hungry lol. Still, even though food wise it's enough, I would still like to grab that piece of chocolate, buy a starbucks, ice cream, hot cheetos or just - you know eat whatever lol...but I have to choose healthier and when I do I feel so much better and stronger. *plus I feel soo good. I haven't been as tired even with 3 kids. I have energy to spare. Some days are harder though. I do have my hands full and don't have time to do what I'd like some days, but it's not from lack of motivation or from being tired, it's just from not being able to do it while carrying a kiddo and having the others around at all time. :P * I enjoy sharing my daily food log because it keeps me motivated now that I have quite some time to go still. It hold me accountable and helps me stay on track for the most part.
Many of you don't care, and that's understandable, but some of you are looking for ideas of what to eat. Some of you want to see that you're not alone on your journey etc etc..I love when ppl share healthy meals, gives me new recipes to try.
Again, you don't have to read through these long posts lol. They're mostly for those who want to lose weight, get motivated, and for me to look back later on. :) I'm happy to have support from friends. Thank you guys. :*