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Blood Fest! Already head over heels for this incredible cast & crew. This month is going to be amazing! •••
#BloodFest #roosterteeth

#bloodfest ❤️🌵 definitely worth not sleeping for 36 hours, the 1.5 hour drive & getting lost. (@riannaaddabbo finally decided to stop being a useless skank and take a dope ass picture).

Ayyeee🤙🏽🔥🙌🏽 we're looking at @robbiekay71 by the way 😝😝 #BloodFest @roosterteeth

No doubt the cutest AD's I've ever worked with ❤️ Last day on #BloodFest 💔

RED RUM #bloodfest

Blood Fest has officially begun filming! We can't wait to take you along for the ride. #BloodFest

Breaking that gain line against Air Force, glad to see my chipmunk cheeks are coming in nicely. (Photo cred @normasali12 ) #usarugby #bloodfest #RRRC #rugby7s #nationalqualifier

killed it yesterday dudes
#boizz #bloodfest


Fish market in #catania #sicilia | #pesce | #bloodfest

'He who wants the rose must respect the thorn' -Persian Proverb
Two different cups of tea this evening, both with the same message. Either it is a good omen or the programmers are lazy. .
Some nice af teas for the ladies during bloodfest. Rasberry Leaf and Healthy Cycle from Traditional Medicinals. Check it outtt. .
How do yall combat your cycles? Is it less of a combat and more of a oneness? What are your medicinal or meditative routines for pms?
Over the years I have become more intune with my body and what it needs before begining a cycle. Things that help: coconut water, 90% organic dark chocolate, spinach, sweet potatos, gingerade kombucha, hot baths, tigerbalm, deep breathing, hip opening excersises, cat snuggles, stand up comedy, weed, crying, towels, soup and toast, LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. And rest. Generally I move around alot and dont relax, something to do with stress, anxiety, and the constant existential crisis BUT this always gives me time to rest and reflect for a few days. And since my long journey to NC for totality of the eclipse last month swung full moon cycle to new moon again (all kinds of doing whatever the fux it wants) I await thee velvetine river to begin its course from the gash between my legs. .
#PMS #bloodfest #intimate #realaf #areyoustillhere #pleasedontgoiloveyouso #pleasebreakmyheart #longaf #preparingfortheworst #prayingforthebest #gainingnothingless #thenablizzardofacurse #whendoesitend #fiveyearstilicanripoutthisorgan

the 1st kill scene, clips vid. ©2008
#BloodFest #itsComing 10.21.17

HALLOWEEN IS COMING, and I am obsessed with the game, #deadbydaylight !! Four survivors go head-to-dead with a gore-geous array of supernatural creatures, and they are the literal stuff of nightmares. What's an artist to do? Create makeup looks for some of these BAD BOYS!!
Here's the deal:
I'd like to create one monster for every week in October! What I'd like to know, is if anyone out there would be interested in seeing tutorial videos, detailing the creative process. Which killer would you like to see most?
From top to bottom, left to right:
1. The Hag
2. The Doctor
3. The Wraith
4. The Hillbilly
5. The Trapper
Characters featuring mostly mask work have been excluded--to the exception of the Trapper--as I would like these looks to be makeup focused. If you're dead-set on being the Huntress or the Nurse and want a video, comment below!***********************
Death is not an escape! I am really challenging myself, here, but am ready to dust off the SPFX kit. Bring it, Halloween! 💀💀💀

16/09 les passagers du zinc #LiveHipHop #BloodFest #BoucherieChevaline #BoomBap

One month to go to get your spooky entries in the BLOODFEST Kids Horror Film Festival. Share your scares here: www.bloodfest.co @bloodfestfilmfest #entriesopen #filminrevolt #bloodfest

WE'RE DONE!! WE'RE DOOOONNNNEEEEE!!! BAHHHHH!!! @jessicavasami #filmmaking #bloodfest #thatsawrap

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