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Mom's gonna snap because it's Thanksgiving in two days + Black Friday in three! Holy cow. #BlessUsAll #BeingSantaAintEasy

@Regrann from @makvee_production - My Curse My Pain. A MAK-VEE production ltd.
Earthly Treasures. loading 👏👏 @destinyetiko @kenerics @emekagf @kelvinanelectronics @chineduarinze1 @onyeokechukwu66 #blessusall# - #regrann @destinyetikoteampage

😬Día está feo...⛈🌫💨🌪Hurricane Jose headed this way...🙏🏽 #myview #blessusall

on this day, 1 year ago, Kiernan Kiske drank orange juice and had long hair while contemplating life in the bathroom mirror. today we remember. #BlessUsAll

We know, i will, i am and nobody can change that! 😉
#allthewayup #blessusall

ੴ Satgur mera sada dayala mohe deen ko raakh leya ੴ (My lord is forever forgiving and kind to a human like me who is pool of mistakes and sins)
P.C - @rubaabsingh

Jai Hanuman 🙏❤


When you're tryna selfie but someone wants to join 😅 btw happy 22nd birthday to me 🍻🍰
#novembergang #22ndday #2017 #happyday #birthdayselfie #photobomber #crepes #akingwasborntoday

help out guys I'm really broke
I won't mind selling my liver just to pay back😓😓😓😓
#blackcard #blackfriday #blessusall

Sometimes you go through a period of periods. Nov 12th marked 20 years that my sister, Adrienne departed this world to climb those steps to heaven.
At 29, leading her womanhood as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and most importantly a child of God...
3 months prior to her departure, she was 7 months pregnant with her 2nd child and she suffered the loss of that child.
...At the end of the day while many of us are here on earth going through the day to day shuffle do we ever think how tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Does it taking losing a loved one to realize you have to make peace and live the best life while here on earth?
When a person is called upon the Lord they don't have a chance to set his or her clock and say hey I need 5 more minutes...
So why is it so easy for any of us to misuse the time given to us...
A legacy is created and left behind for a reason...and it's how we deal our hand with the time given...
Even with her special needs she beat many obstacles and overcame the stigmatism that are often associated.
With guidance and support she left behind a legacy to be proud of...and though my nephew was very young when she passed...and we picked up many chapters later.
I thank God everyday that He has allowed me to witness such greatness. Who is really of higher authority to give the final say?
When in reality a dark tunnel can turn into light.
Adrienne had a strong will...and an eagle always soars high!
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)
🐞 #nkeiruspeaks

🧚‍♀️ How other see you, is not important, How you see yourself means everything. #picoftheday #saturdaynight #partywithfriends #blessusall 🙏🏻

I can’t believe these pics were taken on his 3rd birthday ....... #timeflies he’s about to be 13😱 #teenagelife #blessusall @thatchickleeann @selectachinna @stressali_ @nikkid002 @crystaltilly

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