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I really don’t think that ya will EVER understand how much I LOVE my BLACK people, BLACK LOVE , BLACK culture and just being BLACK! 😩 Every time I leave my house I am mesmerized by all the different shapes and flavors we come in😍😍😍 I just fucking love it & ima just leave it at that &&& P. To the muthafucking S me being pro black ISNT anti white. Occurrrrt!

#LateButGreatNews for #TammyRivera #GirlTalkRadio admires the love #WakaFlocka has for his wife and daughter (yes, we said daughter). #WakaFlocka proves that you don’t need to be blood to love someone unconditionally. #Charlie is blessed to have two parents that love and support her. #Kudos to #TheFlockas we salute and respect your unconditional #BlackLove #BlackLoveRocks #1500radio #BestOfBothWorlds #JustASpace

Back to hustle mood. Being a wife and mother can be exhausting at times but at the end of the day I wouldn’t change a thing. Blessed my husband goes above and beyond to make sure I can accomplish anything and not feel guilty for being away from the kids for a few hours. Career reconstruction underway. Excited and nervous. #nextchapter #grindhard #hustleharder#blackloverocks

I’m soooooo excited 3 more days to go, if I can’t help him, I vow not to hurt him, and if I do , I love him enough to repair it! Heirs together, to death do we part! March 23, 2018, 33 yrs. of marriage! Love you honey, so thankful, and grateful that you choose me to share this life together! Kenneth Lock Sr. @apostleklock #blackloverocks #unitedtogether #love

Hello Spring! Anniversaries, Weddings, Graduation Parties, Quincenaras! Time to start planning those special events and we're your event venue to host them!! #EventfullyYoursCompany #DallasVenue #HelloSpring #SpringisHere #Graduation #senior2018 #quincenara #anniversary #wedding

I love you forever and it never ends. Even in my after life. 💜🖤 #blackhair #blackloverocks #mylittleblackprincess

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