Let’s hope in the next 3-4 weeks I’ll have the keys to my first home! 🏡 #biggirlpants #firsthome

I’m happy today. ☀️ I’m currently sitting on my front steps, in the sunshine, with bare feet. I am SO. MUCH. HAPPIER. when it is warm and sunny outside. I had another amazing OCR training session this morning (LOTS of farmer carries, burpees, tire flips, battle ropes, army crawls, pull ups and agility work). And then I had a phone call with my academic advisor who is a former fellow with the Epidemic Intelligence Service (DREAM JOB). Lately we’ve been so stressed out about the moving process, selling a vehicle and downsizing our possessions significantly. But today I’m remembering my “why”. These sacrifices are not for nothing...I have a fire inside. I deeply want to work with diseases that affect citizens in developing nations. And even more specifically, I want to study viral hemorrhagic fevers. Getting accepted into GWU and moving to our nation’s capital is an amazing opportunity that is going to open so many doors for me. The Lord been gently reminding me lately to just trust him to get us there. Faith is not something we just have - we must actively choose to trust and believe. 💪 So I’m putting on my big girl pants and working hard for my future, and I’m choosing to trust that the Lord will provide and carry us through. ☀️ 🌳👩🏻‍🔬 Pray BIG prayers, friends, and then work hard to achieve your dreams.

Does one person really need this many beige pants?? 🤷🏻‍♀️ From end of 2013 to end of 2014 i gained 25+ pounds in one year which is when my weight loss journey began with @toneitup. I’ve lost some of that weight since but each year I’ve gone up and down and fluctuated in pants sizes. Now that I’ve had the baby I have no clue what my weight and pant size is going to be. I’ll hopefully get back down to my 2013 weight but realistically a) I haven’t been that weight in 5 years b) I have a baby now c) will I ever be that fit/thin again? — on one end I think yes of course work hard 💪🏼 but I’m also thinking no you are going to have baby pudge for the rest of your life. The truth lies somewhere in the middle but that still leaves the question of “how many beige pants does one person really need?” — this spring cleaning tapped into my insecurities and obsessiveness of weight loss and how i currently feel about my body today and over the past few years as I’ve worked hard and also been lazy and seen my body shrink and grow and never settle into a size I’ve been proud of 😔 — and so, since I’m currently still in a transitional phase with my body yet again, I’ll be keeping all the pants. I can’t bring myself to donate the small sizes because of the hope I’ll get there one day and I can’t get rid of the larger sizes or I’ll have no pants to wear!
#weightloss #struggle #weightlossjourney #weightlossstruggle #biggirlpants #goalweight #postpartum #postpartumbody #insecure #bodyissues #toneitup #tiuteam #tiutransformation #honestpost

#loyalty means we have an understanding! You should never question it. You got me, I got you & you got US! Handle your business. I'm good 😊 #Biggirlpants #Twin4life

When your cooking isn’t exactly on point but your fiancé preps the food and sends you instructions on how to cook dinner making cooking a no brainer. 🥘 #cooking #sortofadulting #healthyfood #biggirlpants

When coach puts a 9-mile run on your schedule with the middle 5 getting progressively faster, you put on your big girl @lululemon pants and deal with it. 🤣
2 up//5 at 7:24/7:19/7:04/7:00/6:48//2 down.
#run #biggirlpants

Ferry to Ireland! Never thought my first trip to The Emerald Isle would involve me driving three pupils there! 😮💚 #biggirlpants #artteacherontour #ahhhhhhhh

Twoshoesday! A day of two pairs of shoes. 1. Trainers for the school run, dog walk, supermarket shop & garage tidy 2. Big girl heels for my first meeting of the week with new clients. Time to be brave and get my business back on track 👠💼👩🏻‍💻. #mumlife #workingmum #biggirlpants #timetobebrave #multitasking #lkbennett #girlinheels #girlintrainers #companysecretary #northamptonshire


Zoey fans , we put our big girl pants on once a year for this ...it’s 3 days of non-stop pet madness...IT’S PET EXPO !!!!! We have partnered once again with the awesome Janet Pao and her Moon Cat Cafe to showcase all our adoptable cuties in the best of settings.

All the Zoey kitties will be there waiting for YOU to come and take them to their forever homes ❤️ Are you ready for the madness ????
#zoeysplacerescue #petexpo #areyoucoming #adoptionmadness #biggirlpants #readyforyou #adoptdontshop

During my shower today I heard, “Don’t let anyone downplay your needs!” Many times, women especially, we tend to excuse others when they don’t meet our needs. In the long run this can create resentment and self negligence. Of course, one person will never meet all of our needs, but if someone can meet your needs & chooses not to over & over again, while making you feel bad for having said needs, you have to reconsider that relationship. If you don’t the relationship to YOURSELF will perish!!! Always choose #selflove When I’m triggered I’ve learned to slow down, but also to do something nice for myself. OUR NEEDS ARE VALID! #smashthepatriarchy #selfcare #bossbabe #biggirlpants 👖#ilovemyselffirst❤ #ariesnewmoon #ownyourneeds 🌟 By the way, I took this image from ChristyTending.com 🌟

What do you do to conquer fear?
#Day1 #MayCauseMiracles

Affirmation: I am willing to witness my fears.

Started today super excited to, well, start this process. I had an uneventful day which I was exited about figuring there won’t be much to journal 📓 about. (Have I mentioned I am not a fan of journaling). But she asks all the right questions so I am satisfied to have it written down! Affirmed and feeling productive.
Then I get to the part you can’t do until your pretty much ready for 🛏 - meditation 🧘‍♀️ reflection, and more affirmations I 🤔 think. This week is about facing fears - so...journaling, meditation...I fear both. Which are only two of a much larger list!

I am calling today a success!!! Bring on Day 2! #gabbybernstein #NoFear #Growth #personaldevelopment #biggirlpants #comfortzonecrushed

I refuse to let the weather get me down...so putting my glitter on (my definition of putting my big girl pants on)😂 and a twinkle in my eye(s)...that should make all the difference?!?
#puremichigan #michiganweather #glitter #twinkle #biggirlpants

At the start I made the changes for each of these... Then I get into a comfort place and slowly change back. I will admit I was never a fizzy drinks kind of girl this is a new one for me. This week I'm putting my big girl pants on and making the changes back to how it used to be! 🤣 #challengeweek #changes #smallchanges #biggirlpants #52ccsw #hittarget #targetmember #slimmingworld #52plan #sp #sw #caloriecounting #bodymagic #exercise #syns #workingmom #ibssuffer #maintainingtarget #weightlossjourney #lostfourandhalfstone #momlife #solo #journey #weightloss

More selfies. This is what the world needs most #theworldneedsmoreselfies #selfies #senegalaise #suitup #work #biggirlpants

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