Tennessee 😍😍😍 this day has been such a dream. #thankful #bigfamilylife #mylife #sendingoutarrows

Getting my reading done while I sit outside & grill the chicken legs for dinner. Every 3 pages I turn the legs. LOL. Hey, @mommy_mia_homeschoolchronicles @thesimpleruggedpath I'm getting it done! While you are here check out my latest video. It's all about my summer reading list! Link in bio! #reading #cookiecrumbfun #nygirlincalifornia #watchmeonyoutube #youtuber #sugarfree #lowcarb #pastorswife #giveittothelord #homeschool #bigfamilylife #momlife #dinner #grilling

Definitely not suffering.

I never thought I was the top 1%, but there was a 1% chance the blood test I took 2 months ago that determined I was having a boy was wrong. Friday’s ultrasound confirmed we’re having a girl. 💗💝Why is this little girl so important to me? I write about it today my blog www.mydeartrash.com. Link in comments.

The mug totally sums it up.
Going places with my Little’s gives me complete anxiety. Seems like a weird thing for a mom to say but it does. My biggest trigger for anxiety is the unpredictable. What is more unpredictable than a 2 year old and 4 year old in public? Charlotte had her preschool graduation. 4 years ago when Sophie had hers I realized what a “big deal” this was to people around here. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Like Grandma’s and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles and Siblings getting out of school kind of deal.....and me by myself. And I knew I’d have to deal with Mr. Wild & Crazy. But we’d be outside and I’d put him in the stroller, it would be fine right? Wrong. ☔️ 🌧
So we’ll be inside but he will still be in the stroller right? Nope. Wrong again. Husband took it out of the van. Why God? Why!!?? So we endured 45 min of Mr Crazy Wiggle Pants No I DO Not Want To Sit Still And Be Quiet. And thankfully My sweet friend Shawn let me hang with her. So we are driving the 1 min back home and I can feel my blood pressure starting to relax and my grip on the steering wheel loosen. I did it. I was momming so hard. Pat yourself on your back. Soon Mr Crazypants will be napping and you can relax.
Home. HOME!!!!!! 🏡 The freaking garage door won’t go up. The times it chooses NOT to work are directly proportional to how badly I want it to work. No problem I’ll use my house key. 🔑 Oh wait 😂🤣😂 My husband removed my key to give to his parents when we were in Mexico. Hilarious! Ok I’ll get out and open the third stall. That’s probably not locked 🔒 🌧 🔒 text husband. Check door. Try garage again. Text husband. Run to back yard and check both sliders. Drown shoes. Get pants wet. Oh clever both doors are locked. Safety first!! Go back to van splash splash splash 💦 💦 try garage door again. Ask God a few questions. Refrain from swearing in front of children (who think this is hilarious by the way) text husband for the 8th time this time using the phrase (FREAKING CALL ME!). Try the garage door again. Try to think about anything other than the fact that you have to 🚽 thanks 🌧. Screw texting call husband. Tell him to come home ASAP. Hit the button 1 more time. Door opens. 😫 #monday

The brothers + the first sister with Mom...#thegooddays#shipwreckbeach#bigfamilylife

When we told the kids we were going to @wetnwildsplashtown the screams of excitement were on a whole new level!!! 😱 They have been asking every week when Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown was going to open for the summer. Well, it’s open folks and now the question is when are we going back?!?! 😂 Read more about our epic day on Opening weekend at Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown - link in profile. #sponsored #allmygoodthings #wetnwildsplashtown #wnwsplashtown #texas #houston #houstonblogger #texasblogger #momlife #momblogger #bigfamilylife #bigfamily #familyfun #waterpark #summerfun #slide #sofun #family

https://youtu.be/r8Follmk5BQ. Our Joyfully big family on the program Joyfully big, a program about big happy families #joyfullybig #bigfamily❤️ #bigfamilylife

Наш народ))))))🤦🏼‍♀️
Семья. Все друг друга любят, но в то же время немного бесят☺️
Фото сделано 10 лет назад, сейчас все дылды, дээвушки и юноши, и ещё добавилось примерно столько же😁
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...dein Kind will nicht schlafen? okay dann genieße dennoch dein Vorhaben und lass es daran teilhaben...es funktioniert besser als du glaubst...lebe den Zauber DEINES WUNDER MENSCH UND genieße NICHT, weil du glaubst du könntest nicht...Du kannst auch glauben YES I CAN 🙏😘 #yesican #spiritbirthoriginalbybiancaleierer #babiesdontsleep #hangout #bigfamilylife #mykids #loveofmylife #fithof5 #girlsdontsleep #mentalhealth #meditation

Big Family!!
🇮🇹🏍 #granducatiditoscana

How do you treat yourself? I know that I can’t always reward my progress with snacks! I mean what good does that do? Learning to reward myself in more productive ways especially since I often feel fashionably challenged and working with an outdated wardrobe! Bought myself a new tee and jacket and since it’s gloomy I’m wearing this sun chaser shirt, maybe it will be good luck? How do you reward yourself for a job well done?

My cup runneth over.
Wait. That’s just my laundry basket.

#providencefarmadventures #bigfamilylife #brownpartyof8

When I started today’s workout I was in a FOUL mood like major case of the Monday’s! I felt ready to cry! But I’m the end only my fat was crying. I worked out some of the negativity in my head, I mean it’s not all ☀️ and 🌈 and 🦄 over here! Lifting weights makes you feel strong and capable. Sweating makes you feel refreshed and energized. And not giving up when you are frustrated and crabby makes you realize you are made of tougher stuff than you realize and it’s going to take a lot more than a Monday to knock you down! #mondaymotivation

I suprised myself the other day when I told the kids to put in 4 cups of oats AND 20 wheat-bix into our 14ltr pressure cooker for the kids breakfast.

20 wheat-bix! Who eats like that?! •
The thing is, 20 wheat-bix only gives them 2 wheat-bix each! Usually we let them have 6 wheat-bix. That's 60 bix - 60!

Thete are only 72 in a box and our kids would finish that whole box for ONE breakfast if we let them


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