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Let these bi+ and transgender/non-binary leaders show you how they're changing the world. #BiWeek ➡️➡️➡️

During #BiWeek, we're celebrating #TheWalkingDead's Daniel Newman and every other advocate for #bi visibility.

"It would have been around this time of year back in 2011 - wow, 6 years ago?! - that I first learned there was a word for me. A word that fit. A word that explained and understood my feelings and experiences: Bisexual. See, I grew up in a town where the only time that sexuality was talked about was in the context of sin and shame. You were either straight or gay, celebrated or silenced. You were either sexual or not, dirty or pure. Never mind trying to be somewhere in between. This is why #BiWeek is so important to me. It was the Internet, and posts just like these, that taught me this new word. This word was not something to be ashamed of. I was not something to be ashamed of. I'm proud to be bi!" - Alayna @missfenderr, Content Creator #52WeeksOfPride #ForeverProud

I love @glaad 's Together campaign and not just because it's branding is bi colors 💙💖💜 but because it pushes the important truth that we -- those who are marginalized and oppressed -- are stronger together. Digital organizing has been a pivotal tool that I use in my work day to day to promote this concept which is why I was so happy to be part of @plannedparenthood x @glaad x @binetusa video for #BiWeek. Check out the video in @plannedparenthood 's bio and swipe to see some of the awesome memes they created.

Happy Bi Visibility Week! Here's a pic of Klye and I having a gay day at gay pride in celebration. #BiWeek 🏳️‍🌈

❤️Happy #BiWeek everyone! 🏳️‍🌈Go to our IG story as we show love to 🔟 stars who came out as bi+ in the past year. 💜Let's celebrate, love, and respect the bi+ community in our LGBTQ family this week and every week! 💙

✨Happy #BiWeek!✨
This week, please join us and...
💗 amplify 📣
💜 bisexual 🌟
💙 voices! 🗣

‪Unpopular opinion : la seule vraie """phase""" bi... c'est celle de mon démaquillant waterproof 🙄 ‬ ‪#BiWeek #BiDay #JIB


Throwback to Super Bowl LI with tha homie @cholotheyorkie #biweek #pats #patsnation

No TV today. Bi-week for Patriot's so we are putting up the🎄instead. I do love when the Patriot's play on Sunday because it brings us all together and I like game day snacks.
#gettingorganized #biweek #patriots #tv #livingroom #whiteonwhite #vintagefinds #mixofoldandnew #fiddleleaffig #slipcover #simple #home #patriots #bostonsportsfan

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