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Guess what @governorbullock has on tap for his Thanksgiving feast at the Governor’s Mansion this year? #BozoneAmber #DrinktilMT #BelikeSteve

In honor of basketball starting in a week 🏀🏀 Can you even tell the difference? #meandsteve #stevenash #greatestofalltime #belikesteve

Dads birthday meal! Happy 44th!🎈 #belikesteve

My ❤️is so full! Last night I had the privilege to volunteer at A Night to Shine! This is my buddy, Steve! He is 70 years old and has moves BETTER than Jagger! He radiates joy and never meets a stranger. Everywhere we walked, he greeted & shook hands with everyone! It immediately sparked joy in others' eyes! ✨ It made me think, what would the world be like if each of us showed this same respect to the strangers that we meet? What if we greeted each other with a smile? How could that change someone's day? #belikesteve #greetastranger #timtebowfoundation P.S. Check out how spiffy he is! #camobowtie

We HAD so much fun helping Steve find an outfit for his party yesterday! We hope you come to us for your next party outfit! Hope you and your friends enjoyed your party Steve! #partyoutfit #belikesteve #stevewasawesome #weloveourcustomers

*Member spotlight*
Not only has Steve been doing @crossfit for almost 10 years, he's also quite the avid endurance athlete! This year, during the Open, he also had two of his most important 10k races. He had specific goals set for both races. Huge congrats to @sn1966 for PRing both races with times of 46:24 and then 46:17! That's flying 🏃🏻💨 Keep up the great work and being a leader for us all! #trusttheprocess #holdthevision #belikesteve

Meet Steve. He has great hair, he's always chill, and he likes adventure. #belikesteve #stevehairington


The offending paddling pool, the green tinged chick and Steve.

Steve saved a life today!
We pulled up in the car tonight and Steve was outside, all the other chickens were in bed, but Steve didn't move- very unlike him. He stayed in the same spot while we parked. When we got to him he had a lot to say and hadn't moved, and next to him was this chick stuck in old paddling pool they drink out of. It's was cold, wet and exhausted - on the verge of going under the water. Steve had stayed out with it and was drawing our attention to it!! Steves a champ! Be like Steve!!

This is Steve 👨 Steve chooses to maintain a healthy lifestyle through Boot Camp, be like Steve !

#SteveIrwinDay giving me all the feels! Definitely would never have come this far without his influence and the infectious love he had for all animals --> #belikesteve 🐊🐍🐨🖤 #creaturelove #reptilelove #tbt #analisedownunder #animalcaretaker #november15th @australiazoo

Guess what @governorbullock has on tap for his Thanksgiving feast at the Governor’s Mansion this year? #BozoneAmber #DrinktilMT #BelikeSteve

Meet Steve. He has great hair, he's always chill, and he likes adventure. #belikesteve #stevehairington

WHO WANTS WHITER TEETH???? 🚫 NO bleach, perixide, or harsh chemicals/abrasives
🚫 WON'T make your teeth sensitive (even if you already have sensitive teeth, this won't hurt your teeth!)
✅ Safe/works on all dental work
✅ Prevents plaque build up and helps restore your ename
✅ Safe for pregnancy, nursing, and kids age 2 and up
✅ Gluten free 👉🏼 This toothpaste is a surface cleaner, meaning it safely whitens your teeth to their original color by removing stains and all the other gross stuff that discolors your teeth!! ❤️ Steve & I absolutely love this toothpaste! Just look at his results! And makes your teeth feel soooo clean! Just drop me a comment if you want in on this amazing stuff! #whiteningtoothpaste #belikesteve

Halloween workout with my bruh Steve😎
#belikesteve #trufit

Even the box spawn want the Coach Steve schoolin’. #wearefamily #boxbabes #growemright #belikeSteve #community #tribe #crossfit #CFCT

This video never fails to make me smile. He never fails to crack me up. My guy Steve with the happiest heart and the most genuine personality. With the apple pie in hand all while holding onto the computer to hold his big ass head up 😂 The level of carefree I aspire to be at. Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! ✨
#hesacharacter #myfavoriteperson #belikeSteve

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