Shepherd of my soul..
God is never silent, and even when He seems to be, He apparently has given you an answer. Be sensitive enough. Happy Monday
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Skipping Stones-one of the prettiest songs EVER. Look it up and have a listen.
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Oh hey BBC iplayer. You kept THAT one quiet! 😍😍😍 Just What I needed today, an hour and a half with that beautiful soul. #believer #danreynolds #believerdoc #iplayer

Thank you to @suutbirds and @loveloudfest for hosting two screenings of #believerdoc in Cedar City. It was incredible to talk with LGBTQ and Allied students. I’m also grateful to the Mormons who came out and discussed youth suicide with us. Hard conversations are the most important. As @lancethepants17 reminded us tonight, “you can’t change what you don’t love.” Thanks @spaceeyjace for making it all happen! 🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🌈❤️

I don’t talk about this a lot (sorry Mom + Dad) but i just watched @danreynolds #BelieverDoc on @HBO and learned about the high rise of suicide in Utah. One of the reasons I decided to leave the Mormon church was their stance on being LGBT. I know it took the church leaders awhile to come around to not practicing Polygamy (once it was outlawed thru the US) and to allowing black men to hold the priesthood (not until the late 1970s). I know they have the power to adjust their beliefs, they’ve done it in the past. I hope one day they will truly “love one another” and accept LGBT members for not just who they are but also teach that they too can love who they love and still be allowed in heaven with everyone else. Congrats to those members standing up and making an effort to wake the old powerful men in the church up.🏳️‍🌈❤️ (artwork by @kiiarens)

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