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Some Midday Relaxation 🛏

I can't wait to be reunited with the granola queens @graceharrison94 and @hannahwardley next week 👸🏼👸🏼 Yogurt and granola is a classic combo and one of my all time favourite snacks! I mean who doesn't love breakfast at bed time 🍓🍧

Nach dem #Bedtimesnack gab es noch eine kleine Nachspeise 😂
Da ich gestern Abend nichts mehr vorkochen konnte hatte ich heute natürlich auch etwas mehr Kalorien offen 😍
Und diesmal keine Pizza 😂 iwann muss auch mal genug sein , oder ?
So , heute geh ich definitiv pünktlich ins Bett😴
Um 5 klingelt schon wieder der Wecker für den #LEGDAY 😛😛
Good Night 😴

Eat me up. #bedtimesnack 😋

#bedtimesnack @threefingerchris made me #frushi ! 🍣 🌙😍

🤔One of the biggest myths I hear is that eating before bed causes weight gain. Well, I'm happy to tell you that this myth, my friend, is a big ol' hunk of baloney.
😫You see, for the longest time, people have been fearful of eating carbs at night, eating after 7pm, eating before bed etc. Why? Because they thought that if you ate at night or before bed that whatever you ate would simply turn to fat and you'd gain weight.
😎Luckily for us the body doesn't work like that. What matters most is your total calorie intake. Can you gain weight from eating at night? Sure, 100%. But only IF what you end up eating puts you in a calorie surplus instead of maintenance levels or in a deficit.
💥The most important thing to keep in mind is that your total calories matter most for controlling weight or even for losing weight. Doesn't matter if you eat at midnight or 3am as long as you don't exceed your specific calorie targets then you're good to go.
🙏So please, do me a favor and share this with someone who still thinks eating at night will make them fat.
😀I really hope this helps and if you have any questions I'm happy to answer em' below.
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Two favorite things when I'm feeling chilly: Lemon Pound Cake tea (thank you, @advernychuk ) and my unicorn mugs (thank you, @colleen.crighton ) #fallishere #chillynight #teaiscool #bedtimesnack @davidstea


Guten Morgen aus dem Gym 🤗
Wärme mich gerade für mein Unterkörper Training auf🍑 Heute mache ich auch das erste mal Frontkniebeugen. Hat mit mein Physoterapeut empfohlen. Deswegen habe ich sie jetzt in meinem Plan aufgenommen. 👌 Und auch die normale Kniebeuge wird etwas anders ausgefürt. Und zwar halte ich den untersten Punkt für 3 sekunden, bevor ich mich wieder nach oben bewege. Mobility wird natürlich davor auch gemacht.
》》Aber jetzt zur meiner #bowlofhappiness von gestern Abend.
Es gab Puddingoats im Geschmack Zimtrolle getoppt mit
▪Oh Yeah One Riegel Cinnamon Rolls
▪Golden Cini Minis ▪Ritter Sport weiße Zimt Crisp
▪ganz viel Zimtpulver+Cinnamon Rollls Flavdrops 》》Eine richtig Winterliche Bowl. Apfel und Zimt hat auch so gut zusammmen Hamoniert😋 Die #bowl gehört jetzt definitiv zu meinen lieblings Kreationen😍 und passt ja eigentlich zu dem kühleren Wetter.
P.s. Da ich so viel Zimt verwendet habe, arbeitet der Stoffwechsel so auf Hochtouren, das die KCAL der Bowl in kürzester Zeit verbrennt werden👌 Also immer schön viel Zimt verwenden🤓😅
#bedtimesnack #oats #puddingoats #topped #zimtschnecke #cinnemonrolls #rittersport #justspices #got7 #food #foodporn #foodlover #foodbogger #foodilike #foodgasm #lovefood #instafood #foodpic #instapic #pic #fit #fitness #motiviert #motivation #if #iifym

I think 11 PM is a good time for Chips and Salsa!!! Right????
#imapiggy #bedtimesnack #juanitasarethebest #nowondericantloseweight #notsharing #tomatoesaregoodforyou

Bedtime snack 👅

Just a little nibble on a kibble crabby cake bedtime snack.
#yum #nomnomnom #liamdontgiveashihtzu #puppylove #dogsofinstagram #shihtzu #crab #bedtimesnack

No better place for a one year old to eat a sucker than the bath tub! You can tell by the pig tails and big smile that she's nothing but trouble, and I'd have it no other way (most of the time) ❣️

They say a Halo Top a day keeps the doctor away.
Pistachio is not in my normal pint list, but tonight, I was pleasantly reminded of what a light yet solid pint this is. Capping off the macro count for the day the right way.
Total Macros:
24 pro/44 carbs/6 fat = 240 cal

Can ya'll believe this sweet lil girl is HALF a YEAR old!?! It seriously feels as if was just yesterday that Danny & I were heading to the hospital & I was being hooked up in L&D! 💕

At 6 months, Makenzie LOVES to look around and be nosy! She uses her hands very well to grab and pick up things. She is very active and enjoys jumping and bouncing around! We no longer swaddle her up. Makenzie does NOT like to be left alone! She loves ALL the attention to be on her, LOL! And, the girl has a good set of lungs! She is also trying so hard to sit up on her own! She's not there yet, but she will be soon, I'm sure! This girl is my whole WORLD! 🌍 She's like my little best friend! 👭 One of my favorite things is when Makenzie makes eye contact with me and touches my face! OH, and when she breaths on me....BEST feeling EVER!
Yes, I'm THAT MOM! 🙌

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