Today’s reading... Enemy ... There is ancient Chinese saying: “To have a bad friend is not as bad as to have a bad enemy.” Looks strange, but it has great meaning in it - because if you have an enemy, then sooner or later you will have to follow his tactics and strategies to fight with him; there is no other way. If you want to be victorious you have to be far ahead of him on his own methods. Hence, I always say: friends you can choose without much consideration, but enemies have to be chosen with great consideration because they are going to change your character.

The rebel has no enemy. He simply has a vision that the old is finished. It need not to be fought against; it is dying itself. Fighting with it is to give it life. Just ignore it. It is already on its deathbed; it will die of its own accord. Don’t give it energy by fighting.

Yes, it is very dark right now, but to find light you need not go back. To find light you have to go forward. The darker the night, the closer is the morning. So, it is only a question of a little more patience, a little more courage.
You can do only one thing. You can transform yourself into the new person. You can become your own vision. That is the only proof that your vision is not a dream. You start transforming your vision into a reality. ~ Osho
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What if you became your own "ideal body"🤔?
Can you become that picture in mind that makes you see yourself walking taller, standing prouder, maybe even loving yourself more? MAYBE you don't think it's achievable... drown the doubt and PROVE YOURSELF WRONG! @team_atrain online client and friend @musenagu did just that 🙌🙌🙌! It's been almost 2 years working with him and my jaw dropped when he sent me this pic that his wife secretly captured on vacation📸. Stephen seeing your stance - I see so much pride and confidence KNOWING that you became your own vision🙏! That's YOU - and the humble spirit you've kept all along makes you such an inspiration to others. Enjoy your vacation brotha - you earned it! 👌

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