Gallivanting in Kwazakele this morning creating awareness around #thetotalshutdown protest march against Gender Based Violence on the 1st August. We are calling for all women and GNC folk to mobilise and march with us nationally. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook ✊

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Elkhart Tolle said accept the present moment as if you had chosen it, then act.
It’s hard to do this if we’re not focused in the now.
We’re often so busy trying to be right, perfect, and have it all together “then we will start living.”
NO...begin living now!
Living means doing what you can right now, doing your best, whatever that looks like for you, and then resting.
Wake up tomorrow and do it all again beautiful friends. 💯
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It was uncomfortable to arrive in a foreign country without a plan. It was scary to leave it up in the air and trust in what I couldn’t yet see. ✨

I had to trust in the guidance I was receiving that I had to go to Italy, NOW. Even when I didn’t completely understand why. ✨

I’m reminded again and again that the magic isn’t in a plan, magic happens when we let go and trust that there’s already a plan in place. ✨

Magic happens when we allow life to unfold. ✨

It’s a practice, but I’ve learned to let go and PLAY more, to trust the plan that’s already within and go where I’m led. When I do, incredible things happen. ✨

I connect the dots and the stars begin to align, but I have to remember there’s already a plan. ✨

This is not easy for me! I’m an excellent planner in this lifetime. I’ve had to undo this fierce call I have for all the questions to be answered before I dive in. ✨

Can you surrender and go on the journey your heart is calling for? ✨

When we can be curious about where the journey wants to take us and release the need to know all the answers, we can discover a life beyond our wildest dreams. ✨

• A L I T T L E R E M I N D E R •
Sometimes we can start to feel like we need to have it all figured out before we commit to change or embark on a new journey, but the funny thing is... it's very likely that once you start, you'll find that so many things turn out differently to how you expected or envisioned. So remember, "it's okay to have have it all figured out yet..." Just start, and trust that you will be supported and guided towards a path full of wonder and the wonderful 🌌💖🙏

Good morning lovelies
For breakfast I had a bowl of rice krispies in soya milk 😍 and a chopped nectarine .
Okay so update on last night, no shocker it was hard as hell! But I did my best, I tired new foods and they weren't nasty. I had some vegetable noodles I was given the whole things, however I did not manage that much and that's okay! I also had some seaweed and some chips but I didn't like them😂 I'm going to really try to not resict there is no need to at all! Yes i ate more last night but it didnt matter that was yesterday not todayto 💪 I'll be doing more baking today and might go out not too sure, I hope you're all having a lovely morning ❤❤
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Don't Be Afraid to Take Risks In Life

It such a shock to hear about Kate. Seeing the love and support for her and her loved boys has been very emotional. She was a bright light in a sometimes dark world. But 💕 LOVE 💕 was always at the heart of her. RIP and #bemorewitwitwoo people and she will be forever in peoples hearts. 🌟

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