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Have a perfect and beautiful Sunday❤️

This charming period of pregnancy🤰🏼

When woman become pregnant, usually they start to ask skin care specialist the next questions
❓What skin care routine they should do?
❓Do they need to change their skin care routine they used before pregnancy?
❓Do they need to use something special?

So my answers are
🍼if you feel no changes in your skin behaviour using your usual products, you can continue to use it without changing anything
🍼your skin care routine should be the same as you have before pregnancy: cleansing, toning and using facial and eye zone cream. And if you have some free time make some small facial treatment once per week😊
🍼but all you need to do is to feel your skin in this period. If you notice it dislikes something try to use some another product in order not to cause some skin troubles
🍼also you must know that today professional care cosmetic products (usually I work and recommend you only this type of cosmetics. The reasons I explain during consultation) are hypoallergenic and it produces with allowance to use during pregnancy period and while you feed your baby. So you can feel free and don't be afraid to use it❤️
🍼if you used before pregnancy some very active products with acids, it is better to use something more gentle. But as I told before, all are very individual and you need to feel your skin reactions
🍼it is better not to use❌, especially in first 3 months, products with high concentration of retinol and hydroquinone in your skin products

So I want to tell you that it is very nice period in your life❤️ and of course you can have some skin questions because of hormonal changes〽️But you must remember that you can always have consultation with me and solve all this questions by correct recomendation😘😘😘

Hello everyone🌈

Today I want to tell you about products I have found recently👌🏻👍🏻

It is @vivantskincare (USA)🎊🎊🎊
Perfect, deep working cosmetic products that treat skin problems in a very fast period💃🏼🤗Actually you start notice some first changes from the second, third time of using👌🏻

This products are specialised in treating acne, pigmentation and fine lines😉😘Actually it is more recommended for oily, combination skin, but I have now very nice skin care regimen from Vivantskincare for my sensitive, dry skin❤️

This is pharmaceuticals products and so they are super active, actually maybe the most active I ever tried🤗🙈

So, in general
💟if you want to try it I highly recommend you to have consultation first and get recommendation from skin care specialist (as I mentioned before it is super active)
💟you should use it (actually I mean active serums) not every day as I recommend it ussualy, but once for 2 days, because of it high concentration
💟you receive for 200% perfect results after using it
💟actually I strongly believe you will love it for sure❤️

So, this is my HUGE recommendation for some skin types. If you want to get your ideal skincare routine, please order online consultation in the top of my page❤️❤️❤️❤️

Have a nice day and remember that our outer beauty is coming from our inside💜❤️🧡💛💚💙

Raw beauty... Love my girl @thenaturalbrow.yg

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WHY my online consultation is better option for you?!
I know European market of facial treatment, because usually when I have some trip I try to go to esthetician for facial treatment in order to have some market research and to relax also😴😇😇😇

Just small tips for you why you need to take online consultation with me for your perfect skin👌🏻
✅usually esthetician in Europe work with one or maximum two brands of professional cosmetics
✅sometimes it is very difficult to find your ideal skin care routine in this one brand. So, specialist has no so wide range of products to chose for your ideal skin care routine recommendation
✅esthetician in Europe usually dont give you wide consultation about your home care regimen, because usually you came for treatment and they have limit in time. So they can tell you(if you ask) just in general what is beter for you to use from that brand that they work with

What benefits you get from work with me
👌🏻I am no tied to any cosmetic brands
👌🏻I make my cosmetic recommendation after receiving from you all information about your skin condition during online consultation. And we discuss even the smallest details connected to your skin condition 👌🏻So, as I am not tied to any brand I chose cosmetic for you ideal home care regimen from wide range of cosmetic brands that I or my clients tried and get good results. So I am definitely sure in their perfect and ideal work with skin problems
👌🏻I have already mentioned a little that our consultation is very detailed. You tell me everything about your skin and skin care routine you have now. I ask you lots of question, make my corrections, explain you what is ok for you and what is better not to use and why. And you can ask me as many questions as you have and you definitely get all answers during our consultation
👌🏻after our consultation you will know everything about you skin and your skin type and why I recommend you this products
👌🏻after any changes of your skin type (pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, aging processes, climate changing ets) you can have connection with me in order to have a new recommendation.
So I become your professional help in cosmetics rexommendation😍



It is always nice to receive such a pleasant rewievs of your work💜

‼️Perfect results with @isclinical home skin care treatment👍🏻😍😍

It was used
💙Cleansing Complex
💙Active Serum
💙Hydra Cool serum
💙Pro Heal Serum

Are you ready for your perfect skin with you ideal skin care regimen?❤️

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All we know that once per week we need to make some deep skin cleansing in order to ✅cleanse our pores
✅peel off dead cells
✅cleanse our skin surfaces from impurities
And usually we make it with the help of mechanical peels🤗

But in my practice I highly recommend to use home chemical peels🙈😉 You may ask what is the difference..
For me chemical peels are more multifunctional than mechanical ones
💙chemical peel also peel of dead cells and all impurities
💙it cleanse our pore but in more deeper way. And using it regularly your pores will be very clean and stitched
💙our skin starts to became polished with a smooth surface
💙chemical peel treats acne
💙it also works with pigmentation and skin tone
💙and what I like more, it works for anti age prevention. Because molecules of acids can penetrate deep and push our cells not to be lazy and work hard for our young looking skin😅😍So, using acid peels you can prevent wrinkles appear or if you already have them, you can make them look more smooth with regular acids use —
‼️And don't be afraid to use acids at home, because all peels I recommend you is for home use, so it means they have not very high concentration. So you can't make no harm for your skin.
All you get 👉🏼Only beautiful, clean, fresh and young looking skin❤️❤️❤️

a nice hot shower🔥
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