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~ Every reindeer is different. This fella has a perfect camouflage to hide behind a birch.

Um resumo do que foram esses dias mágicos na Jamaica! ✨🇯🇲 Manu e Matheus (@blogwelove), obrigada por TUDO, principalmente por serem os melhores companheiros de viagem e por essa edição surreal que dá vontade de ver mil vezes de tanta nostalgia! Já estamos morrendo de saudade de vocês! SÉRIO! 💙
Cada viagem que fazemos sempre nos traz muitas transformações de vida, e estar nessa com vocês nos ensinou muito sobre como é possível aproveitar cada momento com verdadeiro entusiasmo! É incrível como vocês são genuinamente fofos e felizes, e por isso não poderia ter sido uma viagem diferente do que foi, com miiiil momentos engraçados! Desde as competições de sarrada no ar, as nadadas durante a chuva aterrorizante com trovoadas, o gif do @gilpinna com o pé de pato 😂😂😂, o drone caindo no telhado, e por aí vai! Hahahahaha
Obrigada, @aissatour_ por serem uma agência de viagens tão incrível e por nos levarem a esse paraíso, e @decameronbrasil, pelos dias maravilhosos no Decameron Cornwall, esse hotel surrealmente lindo do vídeo 💙 Acho que da pra sentir um pouco da vibe assistindo, né? Foi simplesmente inesquecível! 🙌🏼

Marquem aqui nos comentários quem vocês levariam para esse PARAÍSO! 😍
#JamaicaSquad #MilionáriosDeVibe #Maravitravel

Hello Saturday ✌🏼 #outfitsociety #sandiegolove #studio4lara 📸 @adialtak

Saying goodbye to summer. #jointhemvmt (📷:@shangerdanger)

После всех летних путешествий, последние 3 недели, что я провел в Москве, все время хотелось взять в руки камеру, но что-то особо не было вдохновения. Поэтому я постил воспоминания из прошлых поездок и предвкушал новые :)
Вчера начался наш двухнедельный road-trip по всей Италии, и это как глоток свежего воздуха. Уверен что в таких красотах проблем с вдохновением не будет, тем более, что всегда можно открыть аккаунт @nikonrussia и найти что-нибудь воодушевляющее #nikon #NikonRussia

Okay Spring. We love you. It’s looking all velvety and green in @officialfleurieupeninsula right now! If you take a drive around Myponga, just south of Adelaide, you'll not only be rewarded with beautiful beaches - like the one right at the end of this amazing road – but also some of the most sublime vistas in the region, all from the comfort of your driver’s side window! This chilled out coastal gem is also down the road from some pretty amazing food and drink – and if you’ve worked up a thirst while rambling through paradise, you’ll be glad to know there’s a delicious paddle of craft beers already waiting for you at @smilingsamoyed just around the corner! With a genuine cult following for its small batch brews and excellent wood fired pizzas, try a dash of their zingy Chilli Beer to add a little spice to your afternoon! Photo: @takeinoutside 💚💚💚 [📍Location: just a 2 hr flight from Sydney to #Adelaide in #SouthAustralia, then less than a 1hr drive to Myponga ]

Rob Lovato at Big Sur

REPOST: @roblovatophotography from facebook.com/groups/milkywaychasers chosen by @matthewsavillephoto
MWC Admin: @tracyleephotos
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From Rob about this image:
I’ve been back home from my summer road trip for a few weeks now. On my first chance to get to Big Sur & shoot, mother nature welcomes me home with a little, no a lot of bioluminescent waves. After dark I realized I was going to have to wait a couple hours for the Milky Way to get into position for my planned shot, so I decided to drive down the mountain & see what else it was lining up with. I noticed some odd lights in the water near Kirk creek campground & initially thought it had to be scuba divers because I could see it from so far up the mountain. I decided to drive all the way down to check it out and to my surprise there were these bright waves up and down the coast. I spent the next 4 hours partially shooting and partially just staring and getting mesmerized by these beautiful lights on the water, complimented by the amazing night sky. At one point I heard a loud slapping noise coming from the ocean, I imagined it was a whale hitting the top of the water to make the phytoplankton light up because they enjoy it just as much as we do.
Canon 6d, Sigma (24-70) 24mm f2.8
Sky: 10 sec, f2.8, 10,000 iso, stacked 10x
Foreground: When you’re there the bioluminescent waves look bright white but the camera shows them as blue. This isn’t one wave, it’s a series of waves captured over time & layered on top of each other. 8 images to be exact: 10 sec, f2.8, 10,000 iso
Foreground #2: One more image for the pampas grass in the front: 5 min, f2.8, 2500iso, lowered opacity to not take away from the waves
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Sisters, Oregon.

Photo by @j.scud #folkscenery


The freshest air on earth is here.

Dock 🙌🏻

Don't forget to share your Cayman Islands memories with #igcaymanislands

Credits to @caymanfvr

... but you're never too lost to find your way home. 🌲
Just wanted to stop and say thank you so much for supporting me. I greatly appreciate waking up every day and getting to read how a video or photo I post can affect how you're feeling. your generous words don't go unnoticed. been working really hard on some special projects that I'm excited and proud to announce very soon. thank you so much again & I hope you all are having an amazing day ✌🏽🤙🏽 #taylorcutfilms #tiffpenguin #jacob #jackharding #film #filmphotography #filmmaking #cinemagraph #cinematography #cinematic #a_destinations #beautiful #beautifuldestinations #beautifulmatters #bdteam #vancouver #colorgrading #columbia #travel

Sacramento CA

Pt4) This is pretty much from the top of the pass to on the way down. Probably the best pics or at least my favorite #swissalps #worldtravels #backpacking #beautifuldestinations

Landing in Glasgow ✈️

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