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More often than not people people struggle to feel the muscle they are intending to work during given exercises. This is from a lack of a mind muscle connection.
Being able to feel the muscle you are meaning to work is very important from a hypertrophy standpoint as when building your physique, you need to be able to isolate a muscle and put all of the load on that one given muscle as opposed distributing it over a set number of muscles .
Distributing weight over multiple muscles is what compound exercises are for where as when trying to look to develop one particular muscle you need to isolate it through single joint exercises and put all of the load on one muscle at a time hence isolation exercise.
Multiple studies, scientific research and literature shows people who have a good mind muscle connection experience greater hypertrophy and strength gains as opposed to people who just move the weight from point A to B without thinking about the muscle that gets it from point A to B
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