Bless it! This morning was so “busy” and rushed that I ended up not soaking it in. Ya’ll I’m not even gonna lie Attikus was the last kid to class. We were already running behind and got stopped by a car wreck. I’m not talking about a fender bender but a full on potentially fatal accident. It was a total gut punch. Slow Down, be present. Send Attikus into his first day of a kindergarten excited not stressed. So we prayed the rest of the way to school. He stopped me when I prayed that he would listen to and respect his teacher. 👦🏼Mommy! Of course I’m gonna listen to her. I love her. I could kiss her all day! Seriously mommy I could!” 😂 Here we go! Happy First Day of Kindergarten my sweet little love!
Now I’m just going to go snuggle the baby and figure out how to homeschool him bc I’m never letting him leave my side!
I already miss big brother and it’s not even lunch. 🤧😭

Love can be unselfish, in the sense of being benevolent and generous, without being selfless. #fitspo #beachlife #longhairdontcare

I don't want this summer to end. Can I just stay here please? #summer #happy #beachlife #lakeerielove

Scavengers! Many unique things on the beach

Photos never capture the true beauty of a Sunset 😍 #Candid #SunsetChasing #BeachLife #SD #Home #Serenity #Bliss #Peace 🕊️

Seriously am a mermaid I feel so free being on the beach 🧜🏼‍♀️

Smash or pass 😍

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