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Happy birthday to one of the most talented beautiful people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know i don’t talk to you as much as i’d like to but i love you so so much and i hope you know i’m always here if you need me. Love you lots folky💕
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We loved getting a sneak peek of the @ysl design process in the Yves Saint Laurent museum. Those silhouettes are beautiful!

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What can you expect from the Style HUB? 👭
•A sisterhood of support, kindness and motivation to leave your comfort zone
•Personal Styling advice from someone who takes into account your body shape, skintone and personal style
•Discounts on all style packages 👭
•Outfit ideas and inspiration and ways to wear things you love, to suit YOU not the model on the website
Here's a selection from the last week. 👇 "Ladies where do you all go for jeans I’ve tried so many websites and shops and I struggle so much finding a pair that I feel comfortable in They always come across as too big on the waist but fit in the length or fit on the waist but too long on the leg, I always tend to go for skinny jeans so they don’t drag and tear when I walk but still find they bag or look way to tight as my Mum says (look like they’ve been painted on) or I have a gapping round my back" "Friday night shopping 😊 would this top work for me? ( Summer pear 🍐) I love how they have teamed it with yellow shoes" "Out of my comfort zone (picture added)
What other top could I wear or jacket? " "Hi Joy 👋🏻 Heading off hopefully to some sun soon so I just wanted to ask your advise on bikinis for a pear 🍐
I have loads of bikinis but never feel that great and I’m just not sure if it’s cos I just don’t like my body generally or if I should be doing something differently? I love to wear bandeau or halter necks as I don’t like tan marks and these help reduce that.
I’m also going to be having to wear shorts and t-shirts more than I normally would as we are off to Disney, any style of shorts I should avoid or defo invest in? I’m normally a beach dress or kaftan holiday type for the daytime and this is throwing me a bit as it needs to be practical, cool, and a “little” bit stylish. I know it’s Disney and anything goes BUT I don’t want to not feel like me for all those photos!

Any tips would be great - thank you! X "
Do you need a place you can anonymously ask your burning style questions, without feeling embarrassed? I answer all questions individually btw too.
If the answer is yes.
The HUB is the place for you.
See you there!
J x

Chemistry is touching my mind and setting my soul on fire... 🔥🖤👁👁✨ #witchywoman #lightmyfire #spellbound #moonvibes #mysticmind #mood #beconfident #besexy #girlpower

It's so important for you to realise that your own thoughts about your body are what makes you feel 🙄 'good' or' bad' about it.
The wonderful thing is, your thoughts are just that, THOUGHTS 💭
And you can change them. The key 🔑 is to bridge the difference between your negative thoughts toward more positive thoughts about yourself. For example if you often think to yourself 'I hate my body' try to shift your focus towards slowing building up to loving your body 😍
Bridge the difference between the two thoughts over time. You could go say something like this: 'I have a body. My body keeps me alive. I care about my body. My body is a good friend. My body is my best friend. I love my body'.
This makes it easier to believe instead of just forcefully trying to jump from hate to love. .
Practice saying these words to yourself every day and in your own time you'll start to notice a shift in the way you think and feel about yourself because we are all worthy of our own love ❤️

Tahukan anda penting utk kita memastikan period hadir tiap bulan...
Jika period tidak norml spt
✔Sikit 2 -3 hari shj...
✔Tidak datang langsung..
✔Dtg 2 bln skli.
✔Dtg dgn senggugut truk.

Mgkin anda akn mghadapi pyakit y disebabkkn darah kotor y tersekat dlm rahim spt #pcos,cyst or fibroid jika tidak dirawat.
. 👋Jom rawat mslh anda dengan jamu moden BUST UP EXPRESZ

P/s: Blh diamlkn dri umur 18 thun ke ats... BUE x menggangu kesuburan so wanita blum berkhwin blh amlkn sbgai persediaan mlgkh alam pkhwinan...🤗🤗🤗😍👫👫😍🤗🤗🤗.
📲 013-553 5666
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When you color-coordinate like a boss. #colorcoordination #fallcolors

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