📽📚 "Principios para aprovechar ventajas en 1x1: Spotup (III)" (link en desceipción) En el nuevo artículo del blog explicamos algunos principios sobre como aprovechar las ventajas atacando el desequilibrio defensivo #100x100jugador #basketball #basquete #pallancanestro #basquet #basketballskills #basketballworkouts #basketballneverstops #barcelona #basketball🏀 #basketballcamp #baloncesto #closeout #basketballislife

I LOVE this game - .
I don't take for granted the opportunity to live out my passion every day. .
If you're ready to take the next step in your basketball training, give me a shot. #indianaelite

🔑Pull-Up at the Block Don't charge🔑

A shot players need to have in their 🎒
This girls group was the best of the day last Saturday. All dialed, all engaged. -

"To succeed, work hard, never give up, and above all cherish a magnificent obsession." - Walt Disney - -➖
Are you obsessed with your craft and the process? If not, pick a different craft.

Spin series work from last weekends Indiana Elite tryouts 🏀:
The Spin move is a great option for players to have in their bag but has became too much of an ONLY option for too many players. Many rely on the spin and have become too predictable without counters and options out of it. Players must develop multiple counters and the ability to finish over either shoulder➖
Clip #1 - Fake spin to over the shoulder finish or slight lean shot. -
Clip #2 - Fake spin, up&under, stepping through across body because defender bit on pump fake and finishing with inside hand. -
Clip #- Fake spin, step around and finish with outside hand, defender stays tight on hip and doesn't jump on Fake. -

Another round of tryouts this weekend for those who missed out. Come ready to work!

1 on 1 and small group (max 4) skill development sessions. Send me a message or email @ olek775basketball@gmail.com #session #getbetter #basketballworkouts #stillballin #coaching

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“There are two types of players: SEEKERS and AVOIDERS.” - Tom Izzy-
The TRUTH is: every coach wants more SEEKERS. Those that seek contact, absorb it and finish through it. Those that aren’t afraid to handle pressure!! But, there are far too many avoiders. Players, That’s why you can’t finish your layups - you’re scared to get hit! You’re worried about the contact and not your target.
Toughness & Pressure still:
12 second drill into 1v1..
One of my favorites. This will challenge player’s toughness and conditioning and is a whole lot of fun.

"Desire is the automobile, but SACRIFICE is the gasoline." -
Conditioning wasn't feeling great today, so after giving a couple workouts, I hit this great ball-handling conditioning gauntlet we use:
◾️1 ball Heavy Medball pushes - 5 down and backs, shot till make on one end, finish on other
◾️2 ball heavy medball pushes 3 down and backs 1 pull up mid-range, 1 - three make each end
◾️5x1 minute two-ball freestyle dribbles reacting to "left" "right" or "protect" commands to slam slide to cone or protect with off arm to medball. 〰
Why it works:
❗️Med ball pushes force players to get low and strengthens legs, getting them used to playing in low position
❗️strengthens and conditions arms and shoulders- good starting strength drill for younger players ❗️Trains players to shoot while tired- creates shot makers not just shot takers
❗️Improves off-hand
❗️Improves mental toughness

Message is simple: You are with us or against us. No in-between. .

Anything that challenges the culture of your team must be confronted aggressively.

No sports hall, NO PROBLEM! | Had @plato._ & @melita94 come down and kill a tough SAQ session this morning to get prepared for next season #LetsGetActive

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