Clínicas de Basketball en El Salvador este fin de semana. Tema principal Estudio del Basketball Moderno y el Trabajo Diferenciado en USA y Europa. #coachfonseca #IBA #basketballskills

The mini band jab rip thru. #HoopsLink’s most dedicated SportsLab station burns the glutei and increases your #basketballskills out of triple threat!

Put your head down, set your goals, and never stop pushing 💪🏽

We are in the lab tonight 8-10 pm, and Friday night 7-9 pm, Development Squad do your part and make your game better every day💪💪💪🏀🏀#linemengang #developmentsquad #basketballskills #basketballtraining #basketball #balllife #loyaltothecraft #pbtrainer #hardworkleadstosucess #pbt

Love training this group!! Missing a few but was a great work out!! Worked on the fundamentals of driving with feet, hip, and shoulder placement. #stroopshoops #ballislife #basketballskills #basketball #fitness #nike #adidas #spalding

Nate is a savage🔥
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Is Jimmy Butler the best hustler in the NBA?👀🤔
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| Traded Cavs VS. Current Cavs... What do you make of this? 🤔🏆🏀
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Wait for Kevin Love 😂😂
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It’s hard to be an athletic position when your hips are so inflexible they’re locked. Trust me when I say as I’ve aged I’ve noticed the importance of flexible hips more and more.
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Open Your Groin👆🏽👀

📝The groin and adductors can be a forgotten about part of the body. If your primary method of exercise is running in a straight line or squatting and deadlifting, your groin probably isn’t getting a ton of exposure to load or lengthening.
🤔Are these movements too challenging? Check out my last post. The second exercise is a regressed groin / adductor mobility movement. Try it with your knee raised on a short box or pad first.
💃🏽Lateral sliding lunges and quadruped groin stretches are honestly just about all you need for groin prehab. No matter what the demands of your sport and activities are, you can still benefit from keeping the groin mobile.
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Nothing but respect between these two🐍🐐
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We are back at Carter Park this Wednesday! Summer League Teams Note: Meeting at 7:30 PM to Collect your Jerseys & League Rules!
When: Wednesday May 23rd
Time: 6PM - 9PM
Where: Joseph C Carter Park Indoor Court
Who: Lady Hoopers 20+

@nshbasketball akan lakukan perombakan tim. "Rencana perombakan ada, sedang dalam proses. Setelah Agustus mungkin akan dilaksanakan," kata pelatih NSH, Wahyu Widayat Jati @wahyuwjati
"Saya belum bisa memastikan seberapa besar perombakan nanti. Kami akan menilainya dari serangkaian gim uji coba," kata Cacing, sapaannya.
Cacing juga menyebut timnya membutuhkan 3 atau 4 pemain lagi.
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KD dunking on JAVALE MCGEE😂🙌
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Flop or Foul? 😱💀
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New season, new milestone for DT!
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