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Gonna be fun! I’ll be flying out one week from now to San Antonio for my second final four! Going to meet some amazing coaches and learn from some awesome folks! Exclamation points!

Ready for the games!

S/O to @flavoredphotography for the dope shot! Thanks for making it look like I jumped high😂

Nothing takes your game to the next level like becoming an Elite ball Handler.
A lot of players ask me how they can become a better, more controlled ball handler and I tell them they should spend at least 1 hour a day focused on simply dribbling the basketball. That builds a very strong foundation and muscle memory for your fingertips and hands. You need to be willing to invest the time if you want the outcome to be what you want. Too many players want to take the elevator instead of taking the stairs. Learn to LOVE the process.
⏭Check out my recent post if you want some of my personal favorite drills.
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Dribling i kontrola lopte, dve lopte u tri zadatka + zavrsnica.
Dobra koncetracija💆💆💆
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Always get in the mix with the players I work with. Through demonstration I am able to better help players.

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New website is up!!!

He groomed many players who went on to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Additionally, Auerbach was vital in breaking down color barriers in the NBA. He made history by drafting the first African-American NBA player, Chuck Cooper in 1950, introduced the first African-American starting five in 1964,[3] and hired the first African-American head coach in North American sports (Bill Russell in 1966). #interestingfacts #basketballfacts

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