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Major OTP 😍😍😍 these two are literally the CUTEST AHHH
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I actually like hearing about the royal wedding on the news became I always hear about something sad that happened. I've seen people getting annoyed with the wedding being talked about.

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I'm actually sad that it’s DONEkirk. I miss seeing pictures of the cast on the red carpet and the interviews.

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THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (2017) - Deserves Another Post, This Movie Is Now Part Of My List Of Favorite Psychological Thrillers Of All time 🖤🎬, And I Realized That I Hate People Eating Spaghetti In Movies 😂🍝 #thekillingofasacreddeer #yorgoslanthimos #psychologicalthriller #newmovies #movierecommendations #colinfarrell #nicolekidman #barrykeoghan #creepykids #raffeycassidy #aliciasilverstone #ihategummotoo

I sent an opinion to an account once that said I saw Dunkirk because of Fionn and Harry. Then the account owner posted it and said ”disagree I saw it for Harry. What does Fionn have to do with 1D or this account? I told her that I sent an opinion about Louis and Steve once. She didn't care that I sent it in and I sent it because Fionn worked with Harry. Steve worked with Louis. Is there a difference? I felt like she sounded as if Fionn did something bad to her or something, dang.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer(2017)
Heart surgery scenes in the film are real. They were filmed during an operation on a real patient who was undergoing quadruple bypass surgery which Colin Farrell attended.
What I wanted to say is that the film was appealing for me from the beginning and kept my interest till the end.For some strange reason Farrell's character speaks mechanicaly but the others not so much,which maybe was related to the fact that he was a surgeon.I liked the acting from the protagonists.My favorite performance is that of Keoghan,who slayed in my opinion as this weird character,Martin.The viewer goes through three stages:1)(S)he watches a kind of intimate relation between the surgeon and the kid-there is a little suspicion for Martin,though.2)(S)he hates Martin thinking he is a stalking psychopath who is jealous of the family. 3)The viewer realizes what happened during the surgery and Steven's blame for the result.(S)he stops sympathizing with the protagonist anymore.
Generally,it was interesting the matter of justice that arises,how fair the world is and if revenge can guarantee the balance.Scientific means and roles are doubted,while the borders of revenge are questionable,if we think that there are many innocent people in that.Cinematography was nice,sound use in direction was well made.The movie has also the absurd element,judging by the necrophilic tendencies that the Steven mainly has.I found it a little funny the whole magical thing with Martin and the rest family members suddenly who cannot move etc etc.I ecpected Silverstone's appearance to last more.The ending was okay,we like seeing the differences between the scene at the beginning and the last one,while I liked the thing with her trying to finish the potatoes(contrasting to her past illness).I think it is one of my favorite Lanthimos' films.
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Barry on Shona’s story


⭐My top 15 films of all time⭐

5. Dunkirk (2017). This is probably my favourite film of 2017. It's such a tragic story, before I saw this film I had no idea it took place.
The film's cinematography is absolutely beautiful. I mean, just look at these photos!! Another thing I really like is the soundtrack. It really helps creating that tension you feel while watching the film. I first watched this in theatre, where I normally eat a lot of food lol, but while watching this I haven't eaten a single bit. I felt really nervous or something.
The acting is great too. There isn't a lot of talking and you don't get to know the characters at all, but that's just how the film is.
If you haven't seen it, defenitely watch it! Even just because it's about an important piece of history.

Movie Buddies評📝
《聖鹿獵殺》(The Killing Of A Sacred Deer)

高中修讀倫理及宗教科,《聖經》可謂是個血流成河的故事。除了一般的平民百姓會殺生奉獻,上帝也曾要求子民殺死自己的長子作供奉,祂發怒時更會一舉株滅整個民族。「以牙還牙、以眼還眼」 (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth) 這句,也是出自舊約的經文裏。


電影中,我們看到人類的狂妄自大。Colin Farrell飾演的外科醫生,或多或少是職業使然吧,有種精英主義的高傲,以及以為能夠操縱生命的自以為是:手術失敗,他不會承認過錯,反而歸咎麻醉師;他對子女的要求嚴格;Nicole Kidman飾演的妻子和他做愛時,也以一種供奉似的姿勢躺臥床上,儼如祭品。

聖經中,挑戰上帝權威的人,定必招致惡果。電影亦然,當惡果來襲,自負的人類隨即變得懦弱,苟且偷生。妻子和兒女知道醫生要把他們其中一人殺掉,兒子選擇奉承,變得聽教聽話,一把剪掉醫生一直叫他剪的頭髮,更揚言將來要跟他一樣當心臟外科醫生;妻子則利用美色,先替醫生的同事手淫以獲取情報,然後與醫生赤裸上床(第一場床戲脫剩內衣,這一場脫光了),後來知道真正操控生殺大權的是Barry Keoghan飾演的少年Martin,便吻他的腳以示歸順;女兒比較工於心計,向醫生施展苦肉計,同時跟病人兒子串謀,吃兩家茶禮。


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#聖鹿獵殺 等咗咁耐,係伏都要中一下
我有諗過其實Martin 會唔會係私生子,但又不是這個套路
我又有懷疑過Martin 是不是另類的痴漢(?)
但好像Martin 又不是求sex(?!)
且當Martin 是一個用邪教方式來懲罰Steven 的人(即係殭屍入面煉屍咁,但skip 咗呢部分)
#colinfarrell 是長年接啲怪戲但演技被underrate 的演員
#nicolekidman 純粹合乎角色要求
#barrykeoghan 其實做得好,因為佢個角色太複雜,要演繹好內心戲很不容易
你有本Death note 第一吓梗係懲罰最憎嗰個
你走去兜咁大個圈搞佢屋企折磨完一輪,最後就係要佢用Russian roulette 殺咗一個🙄
Lobster 同呢套除咗都係嗰個導演,Colin Farrell 之外
Common 的東西就只有設有遊戲規則
10.5/14 C+

THE KILLING OF A SACRED DEER (2017) Finally I’m Gonna See It!!! I’m The Only One In The World Who Has Not Seen This Movie Im sure 😩😢 Thanks For Reminding Me! @thehorrorfanaticguy! #movieofthenight #thekillingofasacreddeer #psychologicalthriller #horrorfilm #yorgoslanthimos #colinfarrell #nicolekidman #aliciasilverstone #barrykeoghan

#Internet, you #failed me. I go looking for a side-by-side #image of #dopplegangers #EzraMiller and #BarryKeoghan and you don’t have one. What!? I cannot be the only person to see this #resemblance! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I thought it was the very handsome and talented @keoghan92 fighting inner demons in @fantasticbeastsmovie and the sexy Mr. Miller fighting for his life as a citizen-soldier in @dunkirkmovie. (They both kill it in pretty much everything, so go see all of both of their #films, please. I don’t wanna hear about it when you get to @sacreddeermovie; I liked it. You don’t have to, but evil/god/Barry can #getit) Anyway, I was forced to make my first #meme. Please #enjoy.

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