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Naksh: code is 39673
Keerti was strangling with her jewelries
Naksh: let me help.
she step back and he open the wardrobe and safe for her. she kept her jewelries and nod he locked the safe and handover the keys to keerti

Naksh: it's now your's, Keerti ji i have empty left side of wardrobe for you , you can keep your cloths there, it's too late let’s do it tomorrow.
He looked back at their bed which is beautifully decorated by Yash And Ananya di, Keerti notice what was Naksh looking at and got bit nervous.
Naksh: I think we need to clean the bed before we sleep. you sit here will clean it I won't take long time just few minites.
Keerti: it's okay let me help you.
Both of them step forward Keerti didn't feel like cleaning the beautiful heart decorated with flower petals on their bed staring at her naksh understood Keerti
Naksh: they have work so heard let’s take a picture with it..
Keerti happily node yes .. Naksh tried to take a selfi of them and the heart in background it was heard to get the heart in to the frame.. once they clicked Naksh lost his balance and both of them fall on bed they could here Papad crashing Naksh was top on keerti. The moment got freez for both of them, He could see her beautiful eyes was looking at his face trying to read it but her vision was disturbed by her hair, He gently removed it from her face for the first time he touched her face it was so soft he gently crushed her blushing cheek with one hand suddenly he realize what he was doing he struggled to get up but both of them were stuck on flowers chains. They it took them some time to come of it.  They were bit awkward about the situation which took place. But both of them liked it too.

both of them clear the bed together.
Braking the ice Naksh talked
Naksh : just a minute.. He open a drawer of his study table a and brother a small gift box.
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