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New song alert🚨🚨 let me know what y’all think🤔 ... if y’all fw it go like and comment.... #4Lcamp #BAMnation

Meet and Greet day 1. Thomas Jefferson Park, Irving Texas. Straight 🔥🔥🔥 ass bulls and people #BAMNATION #BAM #BOMBSQUAD #BULLYWORLD

We have a first grader‼️
Let’s geaux❗️❕
Lol making everyone feel old already son!
#SGS #OutLiveLife #teamBAM #BAMnation

Happy Aloha Monday!
Even with my SCA6 condition, I will NOT use it as an excuse for doing Anything. I may have obstacles, while doing certain things, but I’ve been overcoming them for the past 10 years. Degenerative Progression, but still moving.
That’s right. 55 and an Adaptive Athlete. Prone Surfer, to be exact.
I’m not the best, but as with my condition, I do my best.
Want to experience the “Can Do” attitude?! Hint: Don’t make whatever you’re doing “work”! Have some fun doing it! Laugh if you fall ( I do!), and get back up to continue! Before you know it, you’re done! I know I’m Happier, and it’s a great feeling of Accomplishment! It’s also a wonderful feeling, Period!
Another Hint: Get rid of the word “Can’t”! When you start believing you Can ... Oooh Lawd!! Mind over Matter. Your body can do more than you think! How do I know? • 42 Miles Molokai Hoe - 6 times (3 with my Condition • Honolulu Marathon 26.2 miles - 3 times with my Condition (in a racing wheelchair)
• Spartan Sprint 3 miles + with 15 obstacles (with arm crutches)
• Jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet (tandem) with my Condition
All I have to say is ... Anything Is Possible!! I’m in no way bragging. I’m just saying that, You, can do anything you set your mind to do!
Have a great week!🤙🏼😁

Young Bam growing on me.....
1st grade right around the corner • can’t wait to get him Friday ! #SGS #BamNation #TeamBAM 💯

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