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I can't believe how good this weekend went. For one I am now the 2017 RACING WORLD CHAMP!!!! Then for Grave Diggers 35th anniversary we layed down the baddest encore in history! Not only for the fans but for my dad! Adam, Krysten, and I all on the floor at once pulling backflips then Carl Van Horn, Randy Brown, Morgan Kane, & Tyler Menninga all joined in! We did what we all where thought by my pops! We drove every truck as hard as we could until they wouldn't even go anymore!!!! Nothing could of went better! And best of all we all did my dad Dennis Anderson proud!!!!! Love you dad! Thanks for all your hard work to make Grave Digger what it is and giving us this opportunity. And most of all you fans for backing him for so long and making Grave Digger and my dad KING OF MONSTER JAM! @dennisanderson_original_gd @korganmane @krysten.anderson @adamanderson_gd @tyler_menninga @lcarlvanhorn @monsterjamlive #GraveDigger #SonUvaDigger #Andersons #WorldChamp #BadToTheBone

Two weeks was too long to not be looking at my @garminfishhunt GPSmap7612 units! These things are still impressing me everyday. #garminfishhunt #garminpro #badtothebone

It's all good in the hood
#BadToTheBone #MuchGangster

Well according to ol' George's checklist tonight, I too would be bad to the bone. 😂

But I know I am not. So what he thinks is irrelevant. Perhaps an issue with him.
Most likely it comes down to the difference between self-confidence and ego. One you were born with. The other you make up to try and compensate for your loss of the first.

Most people will not understand as their darkness and fears imbue hate and denial. But for those of you that are with me, or close enough to the line to see it...remember what it was like when you were an infant. The secret of happiness was lost soon after. You can find it again. 🤔

#bebetter #evolve #suprasapien #badtothebone #georgethorogood #selfconfidence #ego #rich #good #old #young #woman #happy


So Lil Uzi Vert is our Spring Jam artist this year. I really guessed it was going to be him off a whim and I was right. Welcome and good luck! (Bring out @migos please 👀) @liluzivert

Time to go eat some imports. #badtothebone

George Thorogood and the Destroyers! #badtothebone #seizedesmoines

I'm Loki, an Olde English Bulldogge who is loved by many but feared by all! Okay, not really...I'm actually a pretty nice dude! #oebd #oldeenglishbulldogge #thatguy #bulldog #bulldoglove #bully #bulliesofinstgram #mischievious #happygolucky #badtothebone #youknowyouloveme #lokiout

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