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#BacktotheBasics is a step by step Haircutting DVD that teaches the blunt cut, and graduation! 2 foundational haircuts that when mastered, will enable you to cut any #bob you want! Just click the link in my profile to pay 49.95 ! Free shipping till New Years! Be sure to leave a mailing address with PayPal! Thank you so much to all that have purchased! And thank you to those that will!!! #haircutting101 BONUS! For all who purchase up to 12 midnight on cyber Monday, you’ll receive 8oz of free #Antidotpro samples!

First rick and morty drawing looks good.
#rickandmorty #ricksanchez #morty #drawing #backtothebasics

Paying it ⏩ Some Sundays after church, we get some youth that come up and wanna play. He wanted to learn @johnlegend “All Of Me” so I showed him the basics and the importance of root notes and the melody, he picked up pretty quick. The next Sunday I showed him the chords and he got that too. To think, this use to be me as a kid when i first started. I’m not the greatest teacher, but I’ll pass on the knowledge I have ✊🏾 #eachoneteachone #minilesson #piano #backtothebasics

Friday= bicep day= chins. Hitting a questionable single at 142LBS, then dropping down to 110LBS for singles.
Over the last year my training has been all over the place. My main goals have been business related while loosing some LBS and getting better at conditioning. I always choose to challenge myself in ways that I haven’t before. Hence why I chose to lean out.
The new goal will be to maintain by weight, and get stronger. The main lifts will be overhead press, deadlifts, squats and chins. While also improving my yoke walk, farmers carries and bench press.
I have always relied on getting bigger to get stronger and now I won’t allow myself to do that.
Going from a 300 pound shot putter to a “pitcher”, were very different challenges. However they relied on the same things, consistency, and putting in the effort.
Now I will take you on my journey of getting stronger while maintaining my weight. What that process looks like and how it is not much different then other styles of training.

Nothing basic about keeping it basic. Hope that didn’t go over your head 😏 #backtothebasics #Earthtones #motherland #African #melanin #carbon #foundation #breakitdown
Dress @silhouette.stylez

I have been doing private lessons with a few kids from the team working on form and technique. They have been making some serious improvements after about a month of two sessions a week for one hour each. After many years of training I have come to find out that you can get very strong but without a good base of technique, strength doesn’t mean a thing. The basics are what makes you fast, not raw strength. When you combine the two you become a force to be reckoned with 💪#backtothebasics #basebuilding #technique #strength #winningcombo #fitness #skating #speedskating #rollerskating #speed #kidsarethefuture #mpc #mpcwheels

#NoWasteNovember tip #19- make your own dry shampoo and bronzer! I used a base of fair-trade cacao and mixed it with arrowroot. That’s it! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer 🎁 ⛄️ ❄️ Make sure to put it in a reusable jar 😋 #GiveThanks #ZeroWasteChristmas #ThanksLiving #SustainableChristmas


Please do your research on the toxins in common household products. This is serious stuff friends. I’m doing my research paper for school on why to use non-toxic, chemical free products and the stuff I have read in my research is scary and sickening. Know better, do better! I promise it will be worth it!

Yeee hahaha #backtothebasics #ynaut 📽by: @jeff_hall113

The ‘before’ and ‘in progress’ after only a couple of hours restoring this 100 year old gem. It still needs a solid day or two of getting the moving parts up to snuff and restoring the cabinet and cast iron treadle. #weekendproject #restoration #slowandsteady #singersewingmachine #treadle #backtothebasics

The Day You Stop Giving A Fuck About The Opinions Of Others Is Your True Birthday 🎈#Slimo #BackToTheBasics #BayouClassic #DatWay

Went on an adventure with these kiddos today. No electronics, just a good ol map and some supplies in a back pack to discover more of creation.
This is their adventurer/explore faces 😊
#helpKidsBeKids #BackToTheBasics #AMapFishingPoleBackpackOfSupplies #TheyHadABlast

Kind of commercials break...and stuff
#skateboarding #skateboard #backtothebasics #bttb

Work sets consisted of 2 sets of 6 and one set of 6+ with 10lbs more than last session. Cut off the max rep sets when form begins to breakdown. Every set here made it to 12 reps. #buildingsteaks #backtothebasics #foundation

Always good to change things up and incorporate a little fun into gym time. This time last year I️ fell in love with these sandpit workouts and they’re always a good way to get me out of gym slumps when I’m tired of the same old exercises and lifts all the time ☺️💪🏼 #changeitup #staymotivated #keepgrinding 📸 @hugh_hefnerrrrr

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