The most talked about mature music night is back!

Join us on Soul Night 4 Saturday 30th June 2018 at Cantare Montecasino.
Save the date!!!
Special show with tributes to Soul/RnB Legends - Whitney Houston
- Prince - Tevin Campbell - Barry White
- The Ojays
- All Greene
Prepare to be taken back to RnB Soul classics
Guest Artists are:
1. Terra Cox (S.A Idols)
2. Keegan Martin (S.A Idols)
3. Baldwin Blaq
and your Host Ikiri Lawrence &
#TeamSweetSong are set to dazzle our #SoulNight4 guests.
A night of Pure Soul & RnB not to be missed🔥🔥🔥 Attendance strictly by RSVP
Tickets are R300 P.P
Kindly RVSP 0653854680

Tickets link in Bio ☝🏾
@sweetsongproductions @soul_night_entertainment
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A mountain hike this morning .#lovingnature #backtothebasics

Let me decorate my life in passages of hope
Where once sniffed out sadness blinded
A man with guilt
Tranquil moments of bearing down
The love that calls me
Exposed by the light
My words reach the heavens
Remembering him where once forgotten
In the cracks of my smile
In a different way
I seek
#backtothebasics #life #poetry

😘 Even on those darkest days I still have #SonShine💙👑 #Myis💙 #sundayfunday #backtothebasics #byeweekend

Blade too sharp.... #backtothebasics 💇🏽‍♂

Speak your truth and let your heart be heard.. for even disaster is beautiful when it is pure 🌸 #kauai #myhappyplace #momentsthatmatter #backtothebasics #beachlover #whenlifeisgood #laughteristhebestmedicine

Preparation is the Key to Success 🔑🏆🗝 Taking it back to the basics with these crazy colored portion containers. The magic happens in the kitchen.... That is where your body is truely made. ♡ *brown rice, broccoli and deer meat prepped for lunch at work tomorrow*

Can you guess the diet I'm starting tomorrow? #backtothebasics #30daychallenge #cavemandiet #letsdothis #ithink

120 arepas... Ahí suavemente... @mandala1406 @marcelariverosp #backtothebasics #Colombia

I had a post all planned out for today and then I went for a run. While on that run, one of the pacers for the VCM approached my from behind. My plan for an easy eight miles was no longer. Have you ever tried to have a conversation while running 7:30 pace? That was challenging. But it was a good reminder run. To remind myself how fun running with another person can be because you push each other’s limits to a new level. I’ve done most of my training alone. That’s hard. You let your body settle not realizing how strong you really are. It was also a good reminder for me to not focus on pacing. I know how I run best - by not starting out fast. I build into my runs. And that’s how I need to run next Sunday. To not overthink each split. To run according to my body. And now the mind boggling thing about today’s run. What were the chances of running into this pacer? I had only met her during my 21 mile run five weeks ago. There are so many times to go running throughout the day, so many roads and paths to take. Yet, we ended up running at the same time going to the same destination in Waterbury. I suppose it was “meant to be.” I needed that push today. But I also needed to hear from someone else that I’m not the only one who puts too much pressure on herself. Because that pressure just leads to frustration. And we forget the real reason we run. #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #mentalhealthawareness #running #whataretheodds #samedestination #reminderrun #backtothebasics

This is why I’m running for Mayor - I'll make transit improvements on Day One by getting us #BacktotheBasics and refocusing our government on making it easier and safer to get around our City. #LoveForNashville #voteforLove

My version of a Greek salad. Back to the basics. I need to get back on the wagon. #backtothebasics #healthyeating #greeksalad #fitnotskinny #healthychoices

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