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@BlackVeilBrides - Vale
BlackVeilBrides #BVBARMY #BVBV #Vale

i just had some other theories bout BVB Vale album titled PLEASE READ IT WOULD MEAN A LOT THANKS. so in latin Vale mean farewell but BVB takes the LITERALLY of the meaning of VALE is, it means BE WELL! BE STRONG in literally. but in my perspective VALE is a meaning of 2 different words, first is BE WELL! BE STRONG! that words is BVB trademark as usual they thought us to be strong, on the other side it means FAREWELL too and after i watch WAKE UP i kinda see what it means! *but it's only my opinion* you see that they don't have the same powers again like before in Wretched&Divine Legion Of The Black i see Jinxx has a power to make fire from his hand now he's just sitting behind the bars playing with match and so others, maybe they gives us a hint. maybe ___ okay i don't wanna say that words i'm just way to overthinking being a shitty sherlock holmes. but yeah idk just wanted to say what's on my head no offence u do know how much i love BVB

#bvbv #bvbvale #bvbarmy

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