23:30 🤢🤢🤢 #btpt

4@140 2@150 💪 feeling stronger everyday. #btpt #backsquats #strongisthenewskinny

Chasing those 50kg dumbbell shoulder press, 45s definitely didn’t feel light 💡 one step closer. #BTPT @cooperhoward_ @asn_helensvale @getgripped

Words can’t describe how hard this guy work. He sets the standards high 🔴⚫️ no slowly down time to get you ready for war next year #BTPT #2019 #superproudcoach @cooperhoward_

Tự dưng muốn sống một cuộc sống bình dị chỉ thuộc về riêng mình 😋
#Btpt #mylove #missschool #myfriend #photographer ..

After being sick for 5 days I’m finally back ✅ don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat 👻 BTPT_97 for training vids & tips 🥗 #BTPT

Doin what i love. #squats #btpt

When you’re on a glass floor 1100 ft in the air, it only makes sense to plank, right? #BTPT

You can’t get much done in life if you only work hard on days when you feel good 🤞 thankyou for never doubting me and 100% support @amyh_murphy ❤️🏆 #BTPT

Little leg check, half way through my chest workout 👻 BTPT_97 to watch the full video 🔴⚫️ @asn_helensvale @getgripped shout out to boss man @logan_robson fixing up my nutrition protocol. Time to work #BTPT

Chicken wings for dinner 😂😂 #BTPT #barmuscleups

After watching the Arnold Classic and seeing everyone compete it has spiked my motivation to get back on stage 🔥#18yearsold #BTPT

Couldn't make it back to the gym today, so do i just skip a day? Of course not, i do a spicy little home WOD instead. #NOEXCUSES #BTPT

$2 finally 😁🤙 always wanted that 200 and it wasnt pretty but i finally got it today, than followed it with a very ugly but succesful 205 😂 thanks to @dace411 and @gmaher92 for telling me to stop whinging and pick it up 😂😂 #deadlifts #crossfit @alphafit #BTPT

Allow your passion to become your purpose, and it will one day become your profession #BTPT

Amazing week with my love ❤️🛳 but that just means time to get back to work!! starting with a mini shred to get into shape after the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😂 follow the shred on my snap: BTPT_97, I will be posting about nutrition and training protocols💪🏾

BON VOYAGE 🛳 the first thing you do is check out the lighting and mirrors in your room 😂😂💪🏾 #BTPT @amyh_murphy

Working out is a lot more fun in 75 degree weather 😎😎 If you’re like me then you’re probably looking to shed a little winter weight — Contact me if you want help reaching your goals! #BTPT #Fitness #Training #OutdoorWorkout

Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice ☝️ I will not kiss ass to be successful in my career 🔥👀 #BTPT @getgripped @goodlifehelensvale

Tara performing a barbell complex finishing with a squat clean, not bad at all for a second session in learning cleans. @taramaree13 #BTPT #olympicweightlifting #alphafit

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