Part 2 🎶🎶🎶 #BRRRRAVE (See my previous post 😎) So amazing being my true authentic self, singing my heart out and playing last night with my wonderful friend and genius guitarist @jasonliacos at @qvmelbourne ‘Virtual Chill’. I would have never have posted this video in my past due to always being so judged, analyzed, criticized and critiqued, but worrying about this ends TODAY.
I need to write a blog on this powerful and beautiful journey, but for now, be encouraged.
Beautiful friend, WE are amazing and unique and the world neeeeeeeedsssssss us to be brave, like we were when we were little kids and to chase these dreams in our hearts!!
Often this requires months of deep therapy, lots of pain, depression, confusion, frustration, thinking you’re insane because of the things you have been taught and wondering if you will ever feel free.
BUTTTTT if I can get through this, you can too. Whatever pain you are facing, you WILL get through this. You are further along than to realise and you are stronger than you know. I’m with you in this!
In my experience the brave journey is so worth it. 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Love Nat xo
PS: QV’s event finishes today so go get some s’mores 🍫 and enjoy some tunes under the stars 🌟🎶👌🏻🌃 Well done @createdbyclint for such a fab event. Stellar camera work 🎥 by @nicolemonteduro 👍🏻 Xx

Thankful for a good picture window. #brrrrave

Looking forward to today's trip to Napa Valley. Thanks to @umaambisyonghenyo for my socks (swipe left for evidence haha) and @farrah729 for my shoes! #otwolista #Brrrrave

#Brrrrave 'Di na mauulit. Lamig besh.

Thanks for wearing our Damn! I Love Green Indonesia tee. ;)
@Repost from @arisine - Saatnya merajut sisa hari tuk temukan cahaya.
#adventure #adventuretime #damniloveindonesia #day #brave #brrrrave #cool #brodo #brodofootwear

Wow.. So many people. #polarbear2015 #BrrrRave

Going for a dip in the middle of winter? How about for a charity? #polarbear2015 #BrrrRave #cocorave #makeawish

Polar Bear Plunge this weekend! We will brrrrrave the cold and cheer for our local charity in Long Beach, NY. #cocorave #BrrrRave #makeawish #polarbear2015

Any moment all these people are taking the plunge! #BrrrRave #polarbear2015 #makeawish

These ladies took the plunge wearing our new swimsuits! Stay tuned for the blog experience... #BrrrRave #polarbear2015 #makeawish

Took the plunge this year for #polarbear2015 ... What a rush! I think I lost my toes in the sea... #BrrrRave #cocorave

This week's Panhellenic princess is Alpha Chi Omega's Nicole Vojkovich! Nicole received the Medal of Valor for helping a police officer rescue a man from his capsized boat in the Skagit River! Nicole helped him stay conscious while he was hypothermic and is nothing short of a hero! Yay Nicole! #panhellenicprincess #greekgoddess #hero #BRRRRave!

Yes this is happening. 1 degree outside #breck #colorado #brrrrave

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