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#bmreview of the #bmmagiclakeflouncesleevedress from the recent #blackmilkclothing #utopia release.
I do apologise these reviews are so late after release, this month was crazy with travel and moving and inability to get daylight to take pics, but I’ll be back to being back in time soon! I hope this is still helpful to those who need it! 💙💎 SIZE/FIT: so this is a #bmxlarge but in the second pic, while I was at #bmhq I tried on a #bmlarge as well, so you can compare the sizing.
The sizing is quite big in this.
The #bmxl is massive and swamps me as you can see. Whichbis such a shame because this is seriously beautiful, in the #bml i think it’s the perfect size and much more flattering.
I would highly suggest sizing down in this peice, especially also because of where the sleeves sit between the two sizes, in the xl the shoulders are dropped quite far down and the flounce isn’t in a flattering spot, but in the large the sleeve sits much better and is more flattering.
It’s also more lovely on my curves in the l instead of hiding me completely in the xl.
This fits in my opinion similarly to the slouchy style tee dress just with different sleeves.
So if you have one of the slouchy tee dresses, the sizing is pretty comparable in the body.
FABRIC: this is the tee dress fabric, it’s thick enough to hold its shape but not be restrictive or hot, it does have some stretch to it but in this fit it’s not necessary to rely on.
PRINT/DETAILS: omg the print on this is so flipping beautiful!! Like just take a moment and really look at it. Stunning.
The colours are so vibrant, and the scene is beautiful. And the details are so clear and pretty. There’s so many amazing things happening but it all just flows.
I particularly like the way it blends so as to not cut me in half straight from where it goes blue to white.
The main detail worth discussing is the flouncy sleeve - I love this, it’s so feminine and light and flowy, it compliments the print and feel of this piece so well. And I’m it’s right size it sits beautifully on my shoulder.
I absolutely love this style, and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves in lots of wardrobes! 💙 just size down tho!




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ケンタこと、ケンチンミン が
観たい聴きたいDJ No.1の
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Sh. Funadhoo dhaffalhu cleaning event organised by BML Funadhoo Branch.

Many Fishes In Dat Sea I Like Da Way Moving🤘🏽😎 Getting To Dat B💰G She Ont Even Gotta Brag🖕🏽🏆 “ Missing You “ 🔥🔥🤘🏽🤙🏽 Recap🎥 @xo.riah17 Happy Bday Shordyyy💯🖤 #BML

BML aka bulu macan lumajang ring perak... Harga murah aja ga ampe juta2an kok om
WA 087882358968

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Practise... practise... practise and a little perseverance... the wall’s there to catch me if I fall but I didn’t!! Next step... no security blanket wall...❤️ #bodymindlife #bml #handstand #loveyoga

Early morning classes at #BML

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I look confused but this is the only decent golden hour picture I got :)

One of the Best Vocalist and Respected Artist +255, @stekalove , Is about to release his song called: #FOLOW, akiwa na Producer+255 @elephant_pro. Chini ya studio #BML.. So stay tune!!!!!! 🎶
#KeepTheGoodMusicAlive. @ismaildira006

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