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aaannd happy mothers day to the chillest, most savage ass, wine chugging, knife throwing mom there is ❤️ love you b #bitchhh

#bitchhh 🔥🍑

BiG Glocks ‼️Long Clip ‼️We gone BanG‼️ #Ycn #PerfectAim #BITCHHH

Si No Has Escuchado #NO #SHOTTAS 🐸🚫 Link En Mi Biografía 🎥 #LASTQUEEN 👸🏼 #Bitchhh

Too pale for this shit #cya #bitchhh

5️⃣years, 4️⃣semesters Dean's List, 3️⃣lifelines, 2️⃣Degrees, all under 1️⃣God. YA GIRL IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE!! 🎉 Sonnnn when I tell y'all anything is possible, anything is fuckin possible. I have never been so drained and stressed out, got me jumping thru hoops and pulling my hair out like a crazy woman. BUT it feels great in the end. I now posses TWO degrees in Economics and Information Science and Systems. Alhamdulillah! The best is yet to come and I'm so ready to face the world. Mannn trust the process! Everything works out in the end no matter how fucked up shit may get. Keep faith! #GetOut?IGotOut #bitchhh #Imreadytojumpoffaroof #toohype #classof2017

My hair, chest, nose and lips are real but kayla tells everyone I've had work done 😂😂😂😂 #bitchhh @kcg_93


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