Turning up on a Tuesday definitely has a different meaning when you’re with @gt2fitness
Exercise is a great way to boost your mood! So get moving! #letmehearyourwarcry #gt2fitnessandbootcamps #gt2longisland #happytuesday #begreat #positivevibes #goaladhereance

CALLING ALL STUDENTS!!!!! Join us Sunday @ 11am | The Crystal Palace EMPACT Center | 33 Latimer Street | Hazlehurst, GA | STUDENT DAY!!!!! #BEGREAT #EMPACT2018 @empactchurchhaz

“She doesn’t hustle , nor does she complain she gets it right with her intelligence.” •

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For many years I spent wrapped up in the party scene. I drank heavily and often, did lots of drugs, and didn’t take care of myself. And for those years I wondered why my life was constantly in shambles. I actually found it kind of funny. And I thought that it was an endearing personality trait. .
It wasn’t until I finally decided to get a grip on my life and get help that I realized it wasn’t men or the world that was against me. It was ME against ME! I eventually had an identity crisis! Who was I without the drugs and alcohol?
It can be hard to break from your bad habits. They’re fun! And at some point you might even feel like they’re a part of who you’ve really always been. .
I still drink. I still go out. I didn’t have to become a nun. I just had to start choosing ME more than I chose drugs and alcohol. I had to start drinking better vodka! .
Whatever your bad habit is, before you partake, ask yourself: “am I choosing me in this moment?” Remember ladies, loving yourself starts with drinking better vodka 🍸and sometimes, unfortunately, no vodka at all ✨💕 📸: @mindsetofgreatness

Too much sauce😎😎 Good morning Sweeties!😘😘 #doyou #begreat #somedreamincolor #idreaminbuttercream

Y’all! Check out my Ten Second Transformation!🤩
For reals! All it took was TEN SECONDS!😱
What’s my second, you ask?
I posed. 💁🏻‍♀️
I flexed. 💪🏼
I held my breath. 🤭
And, I hit the shutter button....at just the right second!📸
BOOM! #results!💥
But, seriously though, even without photoshop (which I am beyond opposed to), I wanted to show you that all it takes is the right angle, under the right lighting, at just the right second to create the “perfect” illusion.
Now, I’m not saying that my body is an illusion. I do work hard, and I am lean and muscular, but I. Am. Not. “Perfect”...I’m human!...I do not walk around like that 24/7, not even close!
In truth, the picture on the left is the most accurate representation of me 99% of the time And, do you know what? I’m just as proud of THAT picture as I am of the one on the right!
It is 110% OK, and NORMAL, to take pride in your accomplishments and to want to put your best foot forward...We ALL do it!...But, don’t get so wrapped up in trying to find a sense of false “perfection” that you forget how great, and how beautiful you really are.
Keep working hard! Take those selfies! Showcase your accomplishments! Love and take pride in yourself! But, please know, the real world version of you...ya know, the picture on the left...is just as amazing as the one on the right!
Always be thankful for where you’re at, and love your SELFie at ALL angles!💕
Have a great day, everyone!

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You get to choose how you use your energy, where you use it and with whom you use it as well as how much energy you will invest. Others will not always meet you where you feel it is balanced. That's where they are. Decide your energy investment and placement, then be happy. Remember to fill your cup first. Love is not ownership or control. You can love others from anywhere in the world.

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Our Eastside Club was out on the field yesterday for a #DayofPlay with volunteers from @keurig @drpepper, @heb, and @goodsportsinc. We would like to thank all of the volunteers for the time and energy they put into creating hundreds of sports packs for our Clubs and 60 equipment kits for area nonprofit organizations, including Boys & Girls Clubs of San Antonio. This generous donation, worth $123K, was made possible by Keurig Dr. Pepper and Good Sports to support 113,000 kids throughout San Antonio and improve our sports programs that encourage healthy lifestyles and good character development through team sports.

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