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Buon Ferragosto 😎🦐😋

i am clearing my mind these days. feels like mercury retrogade has been messing me up, for real. it has been pretty wild but i guess i needed those messy days to shake so many feelings off me. i was being haunted by past ghosts and drowning under the crazy waters of my own tears. 💧🌩 now i see the sky within my mind is being cleansed. growing lighter. every storm has passed (for now) but oh how necessary they were! i had to remember me. to remember everything i have lived, even the memories i seemed to supress, in order to completely let go. 🌬 i cried my eyes out for nights and nights, not knowing why life was messing with me this way. i spent so many nights awake thinking about the future, wondering how it would be now i felt i had nothing. but i have life — and that’s EVERYTHING! 💜 i have to get the hell out of my confort zone for once and for real. to go out and put myself in situations i find extremely uncomfortable, to mess with myself the way life did just so that i can truly l e a r n 📝🔏. i am constantly taking notes on this experience. to be honest, i have no idea of where i am going to be a month from now. that is scary and exciting at the same time and i had been focusing on the scary part way too much. it’s time to let go of my self-limited norms, break them all and go out of my shell for a while. i am going to survive, ain’t i? i consider myself to be fierce and fearless. a dreamer and a warrior. and it’s time to prove it. 💥 it’s time to focus on the exciting part... a new journey awaits ahead of me and it’s going to be refreshing! 🦋🌙🔮✨💜 ps. thanks for joining me.

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