Despite the heaviness of the issues being touched upon the show last week, Jamie managed to still send us, in my opinion, the humor punchline of the episode.... 'Look, I already have got a fantasy football team, OK? It's call the Jets...every year I fantasize they are not gonna suck.' O.....K.....I'm just gonna leave it at that. The faces of the Reagans say it all though. LOL. #bluebloods #willestes #jamiereagan #jamko #bb2x12 #bb8x09

Blue Bloods 8x09 'Painkiller' sneak peek (Jamie's cut)....Jamie and Eddie will be handling a case about a rehabilitated sex offender and his unhappy neighbours in tonight's all new episode of #Bluebloods. The dinner scene touched on a hard question of whether one would put the welfare of one's family above the law, especially if it involves a sex offender.....a harder question when it's being thrown to a family of law enforcers. It will be interesting to see how Jamie will work through this case, seeing that there will always be this slight conflict of him being an astute 'by the book' kind of police officer, and also him as a person with an empathatic 'follow your heart' type of personality. Whatever the outcome is, hopefully it will not be a repeat of the 'Suicide Jumper' from last season where a kind suggestion led to the worst outcome....that was real brutal on poor Jamie. The locker room talk he had with Eddie after that was really great though.....so I guess we will have to watch to find out which way it goes. Can't wait! All new episode of Blue Bloods tonight! #bluebloods #willestes #jamiereagan #BB8x09

Some wrongdoings in life don't deserve any form of remission. Crimes committed towards the defenseless; especially children... are truly unforgivable. PERIOD. Mere mortals like us are wired to protect our family at all cost...a cost some took to the extreme by stepping above the law and taking matters into their own hands... literally. But what about law enforcers who were sworn in to protect the people regardless of what their backstories were? Do they look past the ethical dilemma and help the 'victim'? Or do they look the other way like what most people would do just so as to ease their conscience? Doctors are bound by the Hippocratics oath to save everyone on the operating table regardless of who they are and what they had done.....law enforcers shouldn't be any different either. The constant weighing of 'Ethics vs. Professionalism' is probably something that our frontline heroes have to deal with on a daily basis.
'There's no absolution for what I did.' Jamie's reaction after hearing these words from the rehabilitated sex offender was intriguing. Couldn't really tell if that was the police officer shaking his head disagreeing to the fact that the guy wanted to get beaten up, or the empathatic Jamie coming to terms that sometimes, the law just doesn't really protect everyone as equally as it was written. Our society do not condone vigilante justice, but again, nobility can be a luxury you can't afford to have when you are protecting your own children. Does everyone deserve to have a second chance? #willestes #Bluebloods #jamiereagan #BB8x09 @willestes101 @bluebloods_cbs

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